Sprint's 4G lighting up the San Francisco Bay Area on Dec. 28

Bay Area Sprint subscribers toting a 4G phone will receive a nice holiday treat on Dec. 28, as Sprint continues its 4G rollout.  Idle 4G radios within the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Silicon Valley areas can finally come to life and start sucking down bandwidth faster than ever before.

Sprint offered tips on how their subscribers can take advantage of the higher network throughput a 4G connection provides.  Promoting apps such as ScanLife, Qik, Fring, Diet Watcher Cookbook, and OpenTable -- Sprint wants their current and future 4G phone owners to know they can rely on their speedy 4G connection for all their data-heavy applications.

In addition to these useful tips, Sprint also published a video that offers a brief explanation of their 4G technology and what it offers.  Check it out after the jump.  [Sprint]

Update: Oh, by the way, those of you in Boulder, Colo., who saw your fair city listed on Monday's release -- apparently that was in error. But seeing as how you still don't have 4G Wimax, you probably already knew that

  • DARN IT!! Where's the Detroit love?
  • Notice how they are always outside...... 'Nuff said. (stupid 2.5GHz). Honestly, I love Sprint, but I worry for them for deploying 4G on such a crappy frequency.
  • I live in western New Jersey no 4G and have to pay for it that is bad Sprint don't charge people who don't use it
  • It's not Sprint's calling for the $10, its Clear. But when you do get wimax in your area, you will look past those months you did pay the $10 as I feel wimax 4g is great and I use it for my ps3, Tivo box, and netflix. With the updates, battery life has gotten better on 4g.
  • That's good news for us Bay Area folks, but I gotta say - they really pushed their promise of delivering it "before the end of the year" right down to the wire. I've been paying for 4G going on like 6 months now.
  • Bring some of that thar 4G capacity to Atlanta so I can git me some bandwidth!! LOL!!!
  • Honestly, there needs to be a protest or something for Detroit! We get charged a price & yet Grand Rapids gets 4G? Grand Rapids?! C'mon Sprint get it together, MetroPCS doesn't even promote their 4G service, yet we all know they have it, and they even have a Android phone on their roster. At this point I don't know if I even want it, we have the BEST phone on the market yet we in the Motor City will never know it's full potential.
  • I have 4g *NOW* at work in San Jose just off North First street. 5763 download rate, brilliant. I'm so off the corporate network from now on with my personal devices. Nice to finally get my money's worth from that contract.
  • I was able to pick up a 4G signal on my Clear 4G USB modem and a netbook throughout the San Jose area. I actually seen 16Mbps in the Fremont area. I work in Los Gatos and the signal is lost just before 85 on I-880.
  • i really hopethat on 28th there will be more wimax signal around san jose am by eastridge mall at east side san jose and get just 1 bar and when i travel around san jose i get some godd signal as long as am in the road but as soon as i get to a shopping center or someting becomes really weak so they better make it usefull everywhere in san jose before claiming they got cover all san jose , i checked verizon 4g map and it has way more 4g in the southbay than sprint
  • I was in SF 2 weeks ago and I got WiMax signal around SFO and San Bruno area.
  • Photoshop FAIL! :) shadows in opposite directions ;)