Sprint's 4G lighting up the San Francisco Bay Area on Dec. 28

Bay Area Sprint subscribers toting a 4G phone will receive a nice holiday treat on Dec. 28, as Sprint continues its 4G rollout.  Idle 4G radios within the San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, and Silicon Valley areas can finally come to life and start sucking down bandwidth faster than ever before.

Sprint offered tips on how their subscribers can take advantage of the higher network throughput a 4G connection provides.  Promoting apps such as ScanLife, Qik, Fring, Diet Watcher Cookbook, and OpenTable -- Sprint wants their current and future 4G phone owners to know they can rely on their speedy 4G connection for all their data-heavy applications.

In addition to these useful tips, Sprint also published a video that offers a brief explanation of their 4G technology and what it offers.  Check it out after the jump.  [Sprint]

Update: Oh, by the way, those of you in Boulder, Colo., who saw your fair city listed on Monday's release -- apparently that was in error. But seeing as how you still don't have 4G Wimax, you probably already knew that