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From Sprint to Verizon: the HTC Scorpion

With the HTC Evo finally in all of our clamoring hands, the next little bit of gadget porn isn't far behind. We first caught wind of this tiny little critter back in February, the HTC Scorpion comes with Android Froyo 2.2 and a 1.5GHz processor. The Scorpion was first rumored to tout a WiMax radio for Sprint's 4G network. But as more details about the phone have been fleshed out, that story has changed. Conflipper, who's a member of the development community with quite the reputation, dug up that the Scorpion may come with Verizon's LTE bands for it's 4G coverage. Conflipper also said that the Scorpion could head to Bell with its HSPA+ network but that would mean that the Scorpion would have to support CDMA and GSM. (If you're really curious about how Con dug up these specs, check out a previous piece along the same lines at WMExperts.) [via Twitter]

  • wow... HTC could shoot for a world phone approach. This would make it a reasonable sales pitch to support both CDMA2000 REV A/B and GSM. However, at&t and VZW are both choosing the 3.9G LTE spec. This is a smart move... GO HTC.
  • We need a great HTC Android phone on Rogers. Things are starting to look up.
  • OK, ok. take a little breath and say it again... The Scorpion is coming to Bell? In Canada? If you are lying, I am gonna hate you for the rest of my life... If true, I am going to elevate you to the King's status... Signed, Me.
  • If it's coming with VZW LTE then it wouldn't come out until at least May next year, when VZW says LTE phones are coming. Scorpion will be outdated by then as dual core CPUs will be coming by end of this year.
  • Verizon says their LTW network will be up and running by the end of the no
  • ATT needs some high end Android love, please...
  • What for?? so they can cripple it?? and put yahoo instead of google and other att crapware?
  • Verizon will have 4-5 LTE phones before May 2011. Which, LTE is suspected to start rolling out mid to late summer.
  • Verizon will attempted to roll out 4G by years end for the "commercial market". Verizon may not have a 4G handset before mid 2011.