Sprint, Samsung prepping update to fix Epic 4G upload speeds over 3G

There have been grumblings for weeks now about 3G upload speeds on the Sprint Epic 4G being slower than expected. We've had plenty of reports in the Android Central Forums, never mind the hundreds of posts at Sprint's own community forums, that tell tales of upload speeds seemingly topping out at around 150kbps -- inadvertently or otherwise. And that's no good. We've been in contact with the powers that be on this one, and Sprint and Samsung have an update in the works.

Here's the official word from Sprint:

"We have heard reports of users experiencing less-than-expected 3G upload speeds with their Samsung Epic 4G. After extensive investigation, Sprint and Samsung have identified an enhancement that may improve upload speeds on the Epic. This fix will be made available in the next maintenance release. It’s important to note that network speeds are impacted by many factors when using commercially-available speed test applications and test results may or may not be true indicator of the actual network performance."

So there you go. Hang in there, folks. Help is on the way. (More in our Epic 4G forums!)

Phil Nickinson