Sprint, Samsung prepping update to fix Epic 4G upload speeds over 3G

There have been grumblings for weeks now about 3G upload speeds on the Sprint Epic 4G being slower than expected. We've had plenty of reports in the Android Central Forums, never mind the hundreds of posts at Sprint's own community forums, that tell tales of upload speeds seemingly topping out at around 150kbps -- inadvertently or otherwise. And that's no good. We've been in contact with the powers that be on this one, and Sprint and Samsung have an update in the works.

Here's the official word from Sprint:

"We have heard reports of users experiencing less-than-expected 3G upload speeds with their Samsung Epic 4G. After extensive investigation, Sprint and Samsung have identified an enhancement that may improve upload speeds on the Epic. This fix will be made available in the next maintenance release. It’s important to note that network speeds are impacted by many factors when using commercially-available speed test applications and test results may or may not be true indicator of the actual network performance."

So there you go. Hang in there, folks. Help is on the way. (More in our Epic 4G forums!)

Phil Nickinson
  • How about fixing the battery life
  • Yea, mine dumped as well on the update. No where near what I was getting when I first thought it was bad. Still using ATK and it's terrible.
  • Don't use ATK. Download "Juice Defender" - it'll increase your battery by 50-75% or more (coming from an Evo user who has used ATK for the first couple months and has used Juice Defender ever since)
  • Had no issues with internet speed or upload speed but glad to see they fix a big issue for the ones who are having it lets get some 3g/4g battery optimization and Im happy and also a way to kill specific preinstalled services and I'm golden. Lovin my Epic 4g btw...
  • Give us Froyo already. I only have a little over a 100mb to download apps. Samsung & Sprint messed up by not giving us more internal memory.
  • 118MB left here
  • Well it's about time, now release this with 2.2 tomorrow and the world can go back to normal.
  • I'm suffering from the 3g upload problem, could it be a bad batch of Epics? The phone freezes up and becomes unresponsive while uploading or emailing pics/etc. I'm wondering if I should try swapping mine before the 30 days is up. Sprints comment of "may improve upload speeds" and hinting that its a problem with speedtest apps isn't reassuring. Just seems weird how some are affected and some are not.
  • No not a batch, everyone who conducted valid test showed the cap. It was on all three versions of firmware i saw on advocates, first customer release and D107 update as well.
  • Upload speeds, lololololol. Grand Rapids is listed as 4G, but even on Sprint's own map is covers less than half the city. Of course practical use shows even less. But they are worried about upload speeds. Good for them.
  • The mobile speed test website is a joke, I am on wifi and running constantly at around 12,000kbps download and they stated I was only at 1,100kbps download. I used Speed Test and it was right on and speakeasy.net speed test confirmed the Speed test reading.
  • speedtest.net is many times slower than other apps for some reason. i go to www.mobilespeedtest.com and it is generally much faster there and more consistant. i have no idea why they gimped the internal memory on the epic. i got 2 gigs of app memory in the vibrant.. running 13 pages of apps right now with plenty of space left :)
  • every test app and site, and simple timing of file upload, showed the cap, not a speed test anomaly.
  • Gee, these Samsung Galaxy S phones sure do have what seems like the most problems out of any other manufacturer's Android phones...or is it just me?
  • Just you Jonneh......I owned the EVO and it had waaaay more problems on release (grounding issues, screen seperation, horrible video rec compression, fps capped!) Samsung Epic only has a few minor flaws that I notice. Gps works great, screen is amazing....video recording blows EVO out of the water!
  • It's EPIC baby but please bring on the 2.2 goodness.
  • You guys know that task killers from the market cause more problems than help right? Android doesn't need a task manager, the OS is more stable than any windows phone and doesn't need it with linux backround. And BTW Samsung has one preinstalled if you must have one and it is far more advanced than any free one in the market. On home screen, long press for menu -> samsung widgets -> program monitor.
  • and that has what to do with the fact that a virgin out of the box or RTN Epic won't do over 150 u on 3Gp?
  • I was commenting about the dude earlier saying to download juice or whatever horrible idea it was... that had nothing to do with the Epic upload speeds and if you thought that then your just as dumb as people putting task killers on an OS that doesn't need it. And second of all I didn't realize we were talking about video formats, 3GP? If you are going to try to reply and make someone look stupid, make sure you don't make yourself look more ignorant. :)
  • media hub download speed very very slow they to fix that I AM STILL DOWN LOADING HELLBOY FOR TWO HOURS.
  • Does the Epic and Intercept share the same chip for 3G service? If so, could the problem be because someone took the Intercept's programing and put it into the Epic, causing the Epic to only work on EVDO Rev 0? BTW, Samsung and Sprint really needs to come out say eithr say the GPS is as good as it's going to get or just fix the dang thing! The Galaxy S phones have been out since June and they all have GPS problems!