As if today's surprise announcement that Sprint was selling the LG G3 in its stores today, one week earlier than expected, wasn't enough, the wireless carrier has something else up its sleeve. It is sending out emails to customers offering them a $150 pre-paid card if they purchase the phone from them via the Sprint Easy Play plan of $25 a month.

A tipster forwarded an email from Sprint to us, with the following message:

The new LG G3 proves that simple is the new smart — and so is getting it first. Order this great new phone on Sprint Easy Pay by 7/24, then claim your $150 American Express Reward Card. We're serious!

So that ultimately makes the purchase price of the LG G3 even lower than first announced by Sprint. The only small catch is that the line connected to the phone must remain active for at least 45 days in order to qualify for the card. It will be mailed out in about 12 weeks.

Be sure to read our extensive review of the phone before you make any decisions, however.

Thanks to Jean-Paul for the tip!

Source: Sprint