Sprint lights up Orlando with 4G service

Sprint has turned the 4G switch on in Orlando today, bringing the number of cities in Florida with 4G service to three. (Though none of which are where our dear leader Phil, lives. Just sayin'.) This follows on the heels of activations in Nashville, TN; Boston, MA; Daytona Beach, FL; and Providence, RI in what has turned out to be the month of the 4G rollout for the nation's third-largest cell phone service provider. The carrier now has two Android smartphones with 4G radios--the Sprint Evo 4G by HTC and the Sprint Epic 4G by Samsung. Along with these continuing 4G service and handset rollouts, Sprint has ponied up and offered a $50,000 prize for the most useful and unique app to take advantage of their 4G network. Nobody can say that Sprint isn't serious about 4G. [Sprint]

Ali Fazel
  • I was in a 4G area for the 1st time since I've had my Evo this past weekend, and I've got to say I'm a bit confused... The 'net speed was great and the 2 files I downloaded took no time at all; however the phone itself was very glitchy. I had to reset it 3 times in 2 days because it kept lagging up on simple applications.
  • and they keep ignoring Miami
  • That's because Mickey mouse has an Evo...
  • I wish... When I looked at the published maps for 4G on Sprint's site today, there is coverage somewhat close to the Disney World resort, but not on the resort itself... I was hoping for 4G coverage when I visit Disney World in October after seeing this, but perhaps not.
  • Not so fast Upstreammiami, 4G is up in and around downtown, though not officially yet. So if you're working or passing by on I95, go ahead touch your 4G button.
  • I have some 4G here in Anaheim, CA. Im by the 91 and Kramer. Its not the best signal but it also has not been indicated as turned on...it should get better!! Cant wait for them to throw the switch!!
  • I live about 2 miles from the new Sprint tower that has 4g in Orlando. I know this is going to sound crazy but I am noticing a huge increase in signal on my HTC Incredible as of today. Anyone know why this could be? I know I'm not picking up 4g. I'm not that dumb. But its nice to have full service in my home.
  • more than likely when they put the 4g boxes up Sprint likely did some tweaks to help boost the 3g signal as well, (just my guess)
  • Is the 4g any better than it's been for the past few months? I've been using it. Downtown Orlando. Where is this tower you speak of?
  • They can keep their 4g, I don't care about it anymore. WiFi is just as good.
  • Shame they're not as serious about good coverage, otherwise I'd snap up an Evo or Epic ASAP.
  • Lee vista road near 417. Zip 32829. On my Droid incredible I wasn't getting anything more than 1.2mb download speeds. Now im getting 2.2mb. My signal is at a steady -70 to -72. How could it be that overnight my Verizon phone doubled in performance?
  • what about Miami SPRINT...!! come on
  • Just as I was telling Upstreammiami, 4G is up around downtown.
  • Unfortunately my 4G experience in Austin is less than I expected. I never get a signal, not even where 4G USB modems do. And when I do, it's not near as fast as I hoped. My boyfriend gets easily twice what I get on T-Mobile's 3G. HSPA+ truly is 4G speeds! He recently downloaded a 50mb file in less than a minute on his Nexus. It was amazing.
  • I was lucky enough to be one of the first people in the city of Chicago (before it was official, even) to use WiMAX on Sprint's network. They offered a two-month "service preview" for certain well-connected individuals. Fortunately my company's rep at the time was very well-connected and got us hooked up to the not-yet-public service. My initial speed tests were met with consistent "HOLY SHIT" reactions. Then they turned the network on to the general public and the initial speed shock went down considerably. What I don't understand is, why doesn't Samsung's Media Hub service take advantage of 4G? Or even WiFi for that matter? I can only connect to it if I use regular cellular service. I can understand it being optimized for cellular connections, but they shouldn't limit it to JUST CDMA/GSM/HSPA service.
  • i love how best buy/clear blocked the 4G in the store the other day for my phone. I say its clear's fault intentionally cause I was looking at computers (too lazy to build my own, but yes, I know how to do it) and there was a clear demonstration going on. I had 4G 3/3 bars right outside the store, but a complete deadzone inside the store for my phone. The computer with the 4G card ran great. Hmmmmm
  • Nothing in the Sanford Area,
  • No 4G at the west side of the Wekiva S/D between Apopka and Longwood. I did see a very weak signal a few weeks ago but none today. My 3G is weak also and looking at the coverage maps there appears to be a hole in the service here. I got a really strong 4G signal near the Altamonte Mall last week.
  • 4G is now in parts of Miami. I get some spots along I-95 and in Miami Shores.
  • I concur...
  • No love for Mickey that's for sure... (mickey must have an iphone) Clearly a bold and dumb move on Sprint/Clearwires part to not even have the disneyworld area in as a future area. That'll hurt em...
  • No way in hell Disney will let them place a wireless network on their grounds without it costing so much the monthly fee would be 20 bucks instead of 10 :) Disney sells WiFi in the park you see.....
  • @Jerry Hildenbrand Uh no they don't. Know about what you are talking about before you post.
  • I'm near Avalon Park/Waterford Lakes and I've got a pretty good 4G signal inside of buildings and out. It's a noticeable improvement, but not lightning quick.
  • I agree with the Space Coast part ;)
  • Not that this has anything to do with Orlando, but just getting a little word out for cities not getting official love yet. Minneapolis, Edina, and Eden Prairie, Minnesota all have 4G, unofficially. Check it out!
  • I was getting 4G near Semoran and Lk. George (South Semoran), but the closer I got to Semoran and Curry Ford I lost the signal. Did they only turn on one 4G tower?