Sprint EVO 3D will come with 'The Green Hornet 3D'

Worried about having a 3D phone with no 3D content? Not gonna be a problem with the upcoming Sprint HTC EVO 3D. HTC's first 3D-capable phone will come preloaded with "The Green Hornet 3D" on its microSD card, Sprint said today in a news release.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. The EVO 3D will also come with the HTC Watch app, which gives you access to 2D and 3D movies, as well as on-demand television programs. You can buy or rent and download movies, and you can save as many as five on HTC's service for watching on other HTC devices with the HTC Watch app.

And don't worry, you won't be stuck with "The Green Hornet 3D" for long. "Drive Angry" with Nicolas Cage will be among the initial 3D releases for the EVO, Sprint says.

You'll also have access to Blockbuster's On Demand app. Rentals will range from $2.99 to $3.99 each, Sprint says. Purchases will start at $4.99.

Source: Sprint

Phil Nickinson
  • Are 3D phone screens anything like the Nintendo DS 3D screen? Because if they are then I cannot imagine watching even a 10 second video let alone an entire movie. I also think its laughable that blockbuster is still scratching and clawing to get market share. Thats what they get after years of mis treating customers and taking advantage.
  • No Joke, that plus Drive Angry are pathetic movies.
  • You should be able to use the HDMI-out on the phone to view the movie on your HDTV(don't know if you need a 3D TV, I'm thinking most likely yes).
  • No. Any movie that comes pre-made for a phones screen size and resolution will look absolutely HORRIBLE up on your big-screen TV.
  • "No. Any movie that comes pre-made for a phones screen size and resolution will look absolutely HORRIBLE up on your big-screen TV." Modern phones have a higher resolution than DVD. Thus, the quality from them will be no worse then playing a DVD on the same HDTV. I'm an HD snob but I still do play DVDs from my collection and they fare decently on my home theater setup.
  • If you are playing your DVD's in a Blu-Ray player, then its because your Blu-Ray player upconverts your DVD so that they look more nicer on your HDTV
  • True, there is some advantage to upconverting with a Blu-Ray device. However, all 1080P flat-panel TVs already upconvert lower resolution signals to the panel's native resolution. It's just that Blu-Ray players and upconverting AV receivers (which I also have) generally do a better job. In all practicality, a video file created for the native resolution of a modern cell phone (for instance, mine is 800x480 vs 720x480 for DVD) will look equivalent to a standard DVD on an HDTV.
  • I'm betting Netflix works out of the box, so who cares about the Blockbuster app? Hell, that would probably be one of the 1st things removed after root. I mean, seriously... Does BB expect people to pay $3 to watch a movie on their phone when they can go get it on Redbox? I see a very small market for this.
  • Ask Google the same question.
  • Bottomline here people is that the HTC EVO 3D will be the best device for this upcoming summer of 2011. The content on this device will be STUPID....with HTC WATCH, HTC LIKES, HTC HUB, as well as HTC.COM to go along with the many other services that will be provided through HTC there will be no other device better than this on the market. Rather you are a ED fan or not all that means is a feature that can be turned off at anytime. There is no device out today that has BETTER SPECS THAN THE EVO 3D. The battery life on the SENSATION is better than the battery life on the Galaxy S2 look it up gentleman HTC stepped up there game and the built in battery management that both the Sensation as well as the Evo 3d has will make this devices better than anyother HTC DEVICE ON THE MARKET. The evo 3d is dualcore Asynchronous which clearly means that battery life on these devices will be something special. The camera button on this device is something welcome in my world. With all the goodies the Evo 3d will have it's pretty clear that content will be king....http://www.androidguys.com/2011/05/31/sprint-begins-promoting-exclusive-...
  • Heard its a pretty shitty movie.
  • about damn time Sprint giving something half way decent. T-Smobile always throws movies on all there crap phones...
  • T-Mobile : Inception (Samsung Galaxy S 4g)
    Sprint : The Green Hornet 'Nuff said.
  • This is kinda lame cuz the 3D for Green Hornet in the theater was horrible. Seth Rogan looked like he had a snout the whole movie.
  • He doesn't?
  • Niice... finally sprint... thanks... now i hope netflix show 3d movies so i can see it on my evo 3d...!
  • You might want to change the wording on the Drive Angry part, that is going to be one of the first 3D movies available to rent through the Blockbuster app. The way it reads now it almost sounds like they are going to give it to you for free.
  • Get real, the only reason this phone will sell is because it has a dual-core processor. Unless the Motorola announcement June 9th offers me a better alternative I'll upgrade to the Evo 3D, but it certainly WONT be because it features a 3D display. It'll forever remain in the OFF position. So gimmicky.
  • My sister us up for an upgrade in September. At this time, I'm suggesting that this is the phone for her. Her son said "Woo Hoo!" 3D (In a sarcastic tone) and I replied "Woo Hoo! Dual Core proc!"
  • I hope I don't insult your intelligence but read more about the 3d switch, its only for the camera to take and record in 3d or 2d. Sorry to piss in your coffee but the software built into the phone for the screen control's the 3d. If the format for the movie, pic, game or app is in 3d it will turn on the 3d part of the screen. It was in the HTC Evo 3d videos from CES or whatever the event was in march. The guys asked the Sprint rep showing off the phone and she said the software controlled the 3d effects for the screen and the switch was for the camera only. You know what just why bother getting the phone anyway, wait for something else.
  • Nobody gives a crap about the stupid 3D. We just want a release date.
  • Can you delete it without rooting your phone?
  • You can delete the movie with no problem. As the post says above, it will come on the SD card.
  • What SD card? Went though the spec sheet at Sprint and all it says is that there's an SD slot but no mention of coming with a card. Not trying to be snippy. I'm growing increasingly ambivalent about the E3D (I can live with my EVO for awhile longer if needed) and if I can't get rid of the movie (and if the bloatware is excessive), that might be an additional consideration.
  • SMH,you fail at searching for basic information. Its been well known the the evo 3d will come with a 8gb microsd.
  • Will There be a GSM EVO 3D?
  • HTC Sensation I believe is the name. It will have a little less RAM (probably for 3D processing in the EVO) but more megapixels in the camera. I would guess other than the 3D aspect you wouldn't be able to tell the difference in performance. I don't care one bit about 3D so if I was loyal to t-mobile I would get that. If you want the 3D on t-mobile then I am not sure but spec-wise the Sensation would be a pretty sweet phone.
  • "EVO" is a Sprint brand... just like "Droid" is a Verizon brand, so you won't find an "EVO" on any carrier other than Sprint; therefore, no GSM EVO 3D. I'm sure, as was stated, the "Sensation" is pretty close, from a specifications standpoint (except it lacks 3D).
  • Hey, what's this?
    http://wirelesswatch.jp/2011/03/01/kddi-announces-evo-for-wimax/ Looks like the EVO name is owned bt HTC, and they can release it anywhere they want with that name.
  • Please don't listen to the two people that just told you no. It has long been confirmed that there will be a gsm evo but it will only be availabe in europe. Take a look at this link, what you will see is a htc branded gsm evo which isn't the same as the sensation. In this day an age you would think people would know how to google basic information. https://www.androidcentral.com/e?link=https2F2Fcli...
  • Well yh i'm not in the US ... so i want GSM version because we have no CDMA Carrier in the first place :D
    Thanks for the HELP!!
    AWESOME i'll skip the awesome Sensation and wait for the AWESOMER EVO 3D xD
  • Yay less internal storage by HTC, its 2011 16GBs should be standard for all smart phones.
  • Until HTC fixes their crappy battery life, and add more internal storage I will never buy another HTC phone. SG S2 makes this phone look like a joke.
  • Well if you had looked at a single review before trolling you would know that the Sensation has SIGNIFICANTLY better battery life than the GS2
  • Well that depends which review you read. Some say the battery life sucks on the Sensation, zipping juice when on idle. Either way, the GS2 battery life is a mixed bag as well. Battery life aside, GS2>Sensation.
  • Well, The battery life and micro usb charging port has been my major pet peeves on this device since it launched. Even Apple fessed up about reception problems on the IP4!! :) Just saying...
  • The evo3d has 1gb ram and so does the gs2. The only thing that the gs2 has beat is on the internal memory itself. But that isn't that big of a deal. They are pretty much on par with each other. How does the gs2 make evo3d look like a joke? Can you be specific on that? Just on ui alone the htc is better. HTC sense 3.0 was reviewed against the new ui from samsung and htc beat it with usefullnes and smoothness. Also the battery life on htc phones is about the same as samsung. Overall android os needs to improve battery life not just a specific phone.
  • They are referring to the recent benchmark performance tests in which the GS2 slaughters (well maybe slaughter is too strong a word, perhaps handedly beat out) the Sensation. Since the Sensation has the same processor and the same version of Sense and the same screen resolution, it was an early preview of what to expect with the Evo 3D.
  • You MUST BE FROM OUTER SPACE...Lst time I checked HTC makes SAMSUNG LOOK SILLY IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE...Yeah ok internal space is the ONLY THING THE S2 HAS otherwise spec for spec these device are the same what will seperate them is the technology the devices have while the Galaxy S2 has the NFC i believe the Evo 3d has all the other content ie..HTC WATCH, HTC LIKES, HTC HUB, HTC.COM as well as various other things that will make the Galaxy S2 LOOK USELESS. Let's not even discuss the fact that gingerbread will be the only UPDATE THE S2 WILL SEE FOR 2011. Can't wait fir the faceoffs the Evo 3d will PIMP SLAP THE GALAXY S2 ALLNIGHT LONG...TRUST THAT...
  • wow just like my free copy of karate kid when I bought the PS3... they think giving you a movie makes up for something
  • The Green Hornet will probably be playing on TBS by the time the EVO 3D comes out.
  • If you mean on tbs in couple of months then maybe, but the hornet is still in theaters and the evo3d is most likely to be released in 4th week in June.
  • The Green Hornet has been playing on Movie sites on the web for a while. Not an attraction for me. Neither is 3D. Waiting for the new Nexus to arrive later this year, with Ice Cream Sammich.
  • Have fun waiting for the new nexus. It probably wont release till next year. I was going to wait but rumor is LG is going to be doing the next nexus and I definetly will not be buying an lg phone. I hope htc somehow wins out and gets the nexus contract again.
  • Well, if the newest Nexus isn't out by December, then I'll just get the Nexus S 4G. I'm done with the endless wait for phone OS upgrades. Just not interested in the EVO 3D. Getting the latest OS updates is more important to me. Gingerbread will come to the EVO after the EVO 3D is out.
  • They could have done so much better with content :(
    Now, if they could've got Iron Man II or even Thor...
    It tempts me to see how soon someone figures out a root procedure to ditch this content and recover all that space.
    Ah well, it wasn't really the 3D that sold me on the phone anyway. It was a 1.5MHz Dual Core proc.
  • 1.5mhz dual core? LMAO Its actually a 1.2ghz dual core.
  • You're right though the MSM8660 can do 1.5 ... they underclocked it for battery ... with an UNLOCKED Bootloader we can make it 1.5 so easy :D
  • The only content worth deleting is possibly blockbuster app. But with all the space on the phone and memory card I'm sure its not too bad. But I'm sure once its rooted there will be so much more this phone can do. Even unrooted this phone is going to be awesome. The htc sensation has already gotten great reviews and I don't think its been released yet.
  • I agree that they could have come up with a better movie than Green Hornet to demonstrate the 3D effect. I usually see all the super hero movies but that one didn't interest me. Don't you still want a dual core processor? Aren't you happy that HTC announced the EVO 3D will ship with an UNLOCKED bootloader? Forget the 3D part ... the Evo 3D is a powerful phone spec wise. I have a procedure for ditching all that content and recovering that wasted space ... pull out the SD card that the movie is on and erase the movie. Ta Da!
  • Wow people. Either buy the phone, or don't. Who cares?
  • I was interested in this phone, but it took too long to come out. I couldn't wait. Got the Nexus S 4G and couldn't be happier.
  • Yeah I almost made the mistake of getting the nexus. Nexus is a nice phone but its missing 2 important things that the evo3d will have, memory card slot and htc sense. Plus now that the evo3d will most likely be rooted and custom roms available it blows the nexus out of the water although the nexus is a really cool phone. But this close to release date it would be dumb to pick the nexus.
  • 3d is a gimmick! 3d is a joke! Whatever! My phone will be one of the only ones with it and yours won't! Thanks u sprint! Everyone else, have fun with old technology!
  • Have fun with your 3D phone. Enjoy it. Some people need the latest. Some don't. It all depends on your individual needs. It won't be the latest and greatest for long, then you'll be back to clamoring for the newest thing.
  • You're right! I will be clamoring for the next. And it will be the next EVO!
  • Angry comments because Sprint is putting a video file on a phone LOL
  • I'm stoked to have 3d content out of the box. Just wish they could have picked something better than the green hornet. Not to sound ungrateful cause I most certainly am not but I really have no desire to see either of those movies. I'll probably watch them once copy them to my pc and then delete them off the phone. Either way I'm still excited to see 3d content out of the box.
  • Goodness Gracious People! All these people talking bout 3D is a gimmick! Yea it is! And so was cameras on phones years ago. Now a camera on a cell phone is without question. I'm not saying that in 10 years all phones will have 3D, but what I am saying is that it's innovative. Yea it's a gimmick! But no one with a little sense and research will ne buying this phone strictly for the 3D. It's just an added "OPTIONAL" feature. Just like NFC, WI-FI, GPS, BLUETOOTH etc. So if you don't care to record or watch 3D content then don't, simple as that. At the end of the day it's still and "dual-core" ,HTC, qHD phone with Gingerbread.
  • A gimmick isn't ultimately useful. All of the things you mention are extremely useful, so they don't qualify. 3D is a detriment, not an asset to a lot of us. It only exists as a differentiator but people will get sick of it quickly and likely turn it off. Thus, it's a classic gimmick.
  • I don't see how the 3D is a detriment. But it is a gimmick as much as ANY 3D movie in the theaters these days is a gimmick. They are nothing like the spectacular 3D effects of the movie attraction at Disneyland for example where things really jump off the screen and into your lap! Nowadays the 3D effect only adds a little depth to the picture and never really jumps off the screen. The way I understand it is if you leave the 2D/3D switch in the 2D position, then you won't be taking any 3D pictures or movies. If you don't take any 3D pictures, then you won't be seeing any 3D on the phone unless you install it yourself. The 3D movie and game that come with the phone can easily be erased and forgotten about. And since HTC just announced that the phone will be shipped with an UNLOCKED boot-loader, there will be many ROMS to come. Doesn't sound too bad!
  • I would only get it if you can turn off the 3D. Since I'm with T-Mobile it's a moot point anyway. However 3D remains a gimmick in all of its implementations.
  • usefulness is subjective. Some people will take 3D 720p video and pictures, some won't. Gimmick or not, its a different feature that many people are likely to use, but it isn't obstructive for those who don't care for it. Its still an HTC device with great build quality, 4.3 qhd super lcd, 1.2ghz dual core processor , a great 5mp camera that records 1080p, has an hdmi port, and is a 3.0 sense device with gingerbread. As for all you benchmark junkies, its fast. Thats all that matters. There not going to be any android applications that exploit the full 1.2ghz dual core processor for a very long time. You people are so picky
  • You could'nt have said it any better I must say...In my world it's about what a device offers as well as whatever you might be able to do with the device. The Evo 3d has the best specs out of any device on the market today and will be a great device content wise people just don't understand exactly what this device will be able to do. Let all the NAYSAYERS SLEEP ON THE EVO 3D THEY WILL SEE WHY SPRINT WAITED SO LONG TO RELEASE THE DEVICE....http://www.androidguys.com/2011/05/31/sprint-begins-promoting-exclusive-...
  • My thoughts exactly, couldn't have said it better myself
  • The truth is that I'll likely be lured into getting the EVO 3D in December just like the EVO 4G lured me in last December. As much as I'd rather have a Google phone to avoid the bloatware and get updates sooner, I wasn't able to get the Nexus S after it's release. How likely is it that the next Nexus phone will be available in December? Probably not likely. I'll just watch, wait, and listen to user reviews to see if the screen is readable out doors. The battery life with the stock batter wouldn't matter because I always get an extended battery. We shall see. As for Green Hornet, I've seen it and enjoyed it. I'll definitely watch it again if I do end up with an EVO 3D.
  • Goodness Gracious People! All these people talking bout 3D is a gimmick! Yea it is! And so was cameras on phones years ago. Now a camera on a cell phone is without question. I'm not saying that in 10 years all phones will have 3D, but what I am saying is that it's innovative. Yea it's a gimmick! But no one with a little sense and research will ne buying this phone strictly for the 3D. It's just an added "OPTIONAL" feature. Just like NFC, WI-FI, GPS, BLUETOOTH etc. So if you don't care to record or watch 3D content then don't, simple as that. At the end of the day it's still and "dual-core" ,HTC, qHD phone with Gingerbread.
  • The Green Hornet? Really? That movie was horrible! Makes me almost not want to buy the phone....almost. I'm most certainly getting it. :-)
  • Just tell me, WHEN IS THE RELEASE DATE ALREADY. Now its just getting aggravating.
  • I don't know if people remember the videos from the even in march or to stupid to look up the features. Like the 3d or NOT if the format of the movie, pic, game or app is 3d then you WILL SEE IT ON YOUR SCREEN IN 3D. It's was already asked in the video, the lady said the 3dn2d switch was for the camera only, not the screen. The built in software controls the 3d effects and turns them on when the program or media is in 3d. I watched the video for the 5th time yesterday.
  • sigh ... talk about winers. Those who talk too much will end up getting this baby more than anyone else. Those who say they will of course will and those who say they won't on here in reality..will. Those who truthfully don't, like the first EVO that came out will cry and cringe when they buy another phone, because the first EVO still destroys most phones today. It's a beast just like the next one that comes out soon. Oh yeah, 3D is like Swing Dancing. People say they have been waiting for it to die before the 1950's but it hasn't. Therefore it's a pleasure, pop-culture, and it's here to stay. Deal with it.
  • I really don't care at this point I just want Gingerbread for my EVO
  • When I get my EVO 3D, I will put my own 3D movie on it.. Since I have a Samsung 3DTV, I can watch when ever I like.