Sprint completes its acquisition of Clearwire

Third-place carrier gobbles up Clearwire for $5 per share

Sprint has completed its acquisition of Clearwire, the U.S. carrier has announced. Sprint, which already held a majority stake in Clearwire, and is itself to be acquired by Japan's SoftBank, said in a press release today that it had purchased the company for $5 per share. As such, SoftBank will walk away with both Sprint and 100 percent of Clearwire when that transaction closes, something which is expected to occur tomorrow.

Today's news follows an aborted attempt by Dish Network to buy both Sprint and Clearwire — Dish abandoned its acquisition plans in mid-June.

Sprint will be looking to take advantage of Clearwire's spectrum holdings to further expand its LTE network.

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  • Come on LTE! Can't get here soon enough.
  • I have lte already here, it is pretty awesome even at what I would guess is 75% complete. It will be interesting to see how the extra bandwidth helps. Posted via
  • In two months, my 12th anniversary as a Sprint Customer will be marked. I'm soldiering through these hard times by remaining here. They need to expedite their Vision upgrades NOW! It will be nice to have statewide LTE coverage, and coverage when I go inside a building. Get the contractors, get the equipment, approve the overtime... Whatever. It's time to have a better competitor to Verizon and AT&T!
  • I'm right there with you man! Literally. I hit the 12 year mark with Sprint back in April. I have been holding tough waiting for them to deliver on their promises and it looks like all of that waiting may finally be paying off. Now they just need to finish their grand network plans and pick up the the S4 Active and I will be one happy customer!
  • My city is about 65% covered with Sprint LTE and it's nice but there are still several areas with no tower updates. I know it takes time to completely rebuild the network from the ground up but I hope they can expedite it now. What I am most interested in at this time is for Sprint to deploy CDMA on the 800MHz from Nextel sooner rather than later. Of course that's easier for me to say since my city is already well underway with LTE deployment.
  • It's surprising to see so much LTE coverage metrowest of Boston. Esp on the highways. not sure if they want us to surf and drive fast. Also i'm getting 800SMR signal at the house that's causing my phone to lock on to it ignoring my Airave. While I appreciate a *new* better signal at the house, i'm not sure why the phones are ignoring the Airave. Must be a base station or PRL issue.
  • I live in Williamsburg *north side, by the eat river* and lte has been here for a while now, the first time that lte service was disabled we received faster & wider lte coverage, the second time that lte was disabled they raised upload speed to be 2x faster.... But now were at it again lte is disabled & stuck with getting at my location area, I'm hoping they're installing or enabling the 800 mgz frequency. If that's not the case then what's the new upgrade? Everytime lte is upgraded & hopefully it's the 800 mgz deal!
  • Sigh....Still waiting for LTE to hit Honolulu, Hawaii....at the rate Sprint is moving, I'll be moving to another carrier at the end of the year if LTE isn't up and running by then...tired of playing the waiting game....
  • I have been with Sprint for 14 years coming up soon, and It just too late. I've committed to moving over to T-mobile when either the nexus 5 or Moto X comes out. I've experienced Sprints LTE and it seems that I get a faster and much stabler connection on HSPA+ with T-mobile. It was crazy, I was geting 18MB/s while on sprint LTE I was barely getting 8MB/s. And to top it off, T-mobiles coverage was amazing in my house, while I had to get an airwave for Sprint. And I still can't get reception in my room upstairs. Plus I'm over contracts... Sucks to see that Sprint might have a brighter future, when I have dealt with all this bs. But whatever I m over it
  • Sprint is rebuilding it's ENTIRE NETWORK NATIONWIDE. around 36,000 towers. With brand new EVERYTHING. Sprint in 3 years will be where Verizon was a year ago. Verizon, att and tmobile are going to be playing catch up with Sprint. Sprint is getting ready to have the most SPECTRUM of all carriers combined. I suggest you wait for Sprints LTE and calm ur tits.
  • Yeah... About that... I've been hearing this for years. I'm done waiting for these people. I don't even have LTE in my area. I'm lucky to have Wimax. Everything about this company sucks. Posted via Android Central App
  • I'm leaving sprint because I'm still stuck on 3g. No wimax no lte. Posted via Android Central App
  • "Sprint in 3 years will be where Verizon was a year ago." Huh? Why is this reason to stay with them? Do you think Verizon or AT&T are just going to sit around for a decade & do absolutely nothing between now & whenever Sprint finally catches up? No...Verizon will probably be on network wide VoLTE. And why in the world do you think they will then be "playing catch up to Sprint" if by your own words Sprint is 4 years behind them? You can't have been with Sprint very long if you think they deliver on every promise & "vision" they have for their network. (COUGH) WiMAX!!! (COUGH)
  • I walked away from Sprint in 9/27/12 to TMobile after extensive research.Currently,TMobile is making major moves and no regrets on LTE.I get 22mbps dl/10mbps ul and in other areas I can fall back on HSPA+42 AND NOT LOSE A BEAT.The merger with Metro PCS really helps and maybe soon getting spectrum from LEAP wireless and U S Cellular. Sprint was great at a time but really started to suck and as For TMo the best part,NO CONTRACTS.UPGRADE anytime you want.
  • There's LTE in my area but it isn't very consistent. Hopefully all this purchasing of network assets will benefit us all sooner than later. It's painful to have a fast phone with slow data speeds. Posted via HTC One on the Now Network
  • My head hurts at the notion of paying Sprint $83+ a month for 12 or 14 years. That's my current monthly rate, of course, and I've been patiently waiting for those NetworkVision updates for several years now. As I see it we've been the one's holding the company together financially by overpaying for service we're not getting while they were off arranging for Japan to buy them out. I do hope they get their network up to where it should have been all along, but like @jpxzero it may also be too late for me.
  • Yayyyy for Sprint!!!!!!!! Posted via Android Central App
  • It's amazing to see so many who have stuck with Sprint 10+ years. Of course, I've been with Sprint since Jan. 1998, so I probably have everyone beat. This might also explain why I still get full discounts on phones, yearly. I am sooooo glad Dish lost the battle. Ergen running things would've been disastrous. Sprint has come a long ways but they have so much further to go. I don't blame some customers for leaving. I've thought long and hard about it myself, but I'm going to stick it out, because I believe the best is yet to come. Here in Atlanta, the 4G coverage is improving.
  • I joined Sprint in 1998 also! Then I got fed up with them and went to Verizon...Who charges too much for what they give you...So I'm back with Sprint again after a 9-month hiatus. Sprint even reopened my old account, so I still have my tenure with them :) Thanks Sprint!
  • Right there with you. Joined in '98 and have kept with them. Can't beat the price. The network in the last couple years has really been trying... But I use WiFi when I can, and just deal. I am Hoping to get LTE in the Cleveland area sometime soon.
  • For the price and the unlimited data... you can't beat them. I do get frustrated about the signal when my AT&T & Verizon friends put it in my face, but I can't complain too much since I get LTE in my area.
  • now bring on the lte to the rest of Texas
  • I'm in deep south texas.. Lte is barely getting turned on here... its scarce but its there, kinda like a good woman, when they officially flip the switch I hope I'm getting San Antonio speeds... 26 down 3.5 up... here's to waiting patiently waiting since 1999....