Spotify Kids brings family-friendly tunes to the U.S., Canada, and France

Spotify Kids
Spotify Kids (Image credit: Spotify)

What you need to know

  • Spotify Kids has launched in the three additional countries, the U.S, Canada, and France.
  • The app now features 8, 000 songs in a 30% increase since the initial launch.
  • Spotify is working on additional parental control features to give parents more power and customizability over the experience.

Spotify has brought Spotify Kids, its child-friendly music streaming app, over to the U.S., Canada, and France today. The app previously launched in Ireland then made its way to Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and a handful of other countries earlier this year. Now it's coming to America to help with child care.

The basic features of the app remain the same. Spotify Kids features a hand-curated (not algorithmic) selection of family-friendly music. You'll also find educational podcasts, and learning-friendly sings, including new songs created to teach young children best practices regarding hygiene that the company has added to tap into the current zeitgeist.

Spotify says that there are more than 8,000 songs already available in the Kids app, a 30% increase. This includes additions the company has made around lullabies, calming music, and other similar sounds intended to help parents put kids to sleep.

For the U.S. market specifically, Spotify is offering a multi-genre, multi-cultural music mix. You'll have Spanish-language music, county music, Motown, and soul dance party playlists.

Spotify is still working on the further customization features it announced for parents earlier in the year. It's yet to deliver them or say what they are, only that they allow parents more control over what kids can listen to.

Spotify Kids is available in the Google Play Store for Premium Family subscribers.

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