Spotify launches new lossless 'HiFi' plan to take on Tidal and Amazon

Spotify Hifi Billie Eilish
Spotify Hifi Billie Eilish (Image credit: Spotify)

What you need to know

  • Spotify announces a new HiFi audio upgrade available for Premium subscribers.
  • Spotify is working to enable HiFi audio for speakers with Spotify Connect.
  • The new HiFi audio upgrade will be available in select markets later this year.

Spotify has announced a new HiFi audio upgrade that will provide subscribers a way to listen to their music just as it was intended to be heard. Announced as part of Spotify's virtual Stream On event, the company plans to "deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers."

Spotify states that high-quality music streaming has been one of the most highly requested features for the platform, and while the app allows you manually change the quality from "very low" to "very high," there has not been an option for lossless audio. Some of the best music streaming apps for Android already have such a feature, such as Amazon Music HD and Tidal Masters, so it's good to see one of the top platforms finally gain this feature.

The benefit of HiFi audio streaming is important for giving your favorite tracks more depth and clarity and will benefit both audiophiles and casual music listeners, as highlighted by Billie Eilish:

High-quality audio means more info, there are things you will not hear if you don't have a good sound system. It's really important just because we make music that [we] want to be heard in the way that it was made.

Of course, having the best wireless headphones like the Sony WH-1000XM4 will help to enhance your listening experience even further, but Spotify HiFi should provide a boost to your music without the need for better hardware. Spotify is also working with major speaker manufacturers to enable Spotify HiFi through its Connect service.

Spotify HiFi will be available in select markets later this year as an upgrade for Premium subscribers, although exact pricing and launch details have not been announced.

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