Spotify's new filter will help you get in the mood with your favorite songs

Spotify Filter Mood and Genre
Spotify Filter Mood and Genre (Image credit: Spotify)

What you need to know

  • Spotify's latest feature can filter out music from your "Liked Songs" based on mood or genre.
  • Genres and moods will update based on songs that are added or removed from the playlist.
  • The filters will be available for both free and paid Spotify users.

There are times when some of your favorite songs might not hit just right. Many of the best streaming music apps on Android let you easily create playlists or filter music based on genre, but Spotify is taking things further. The company announced Thursday that it will soon let users filter out music in their "Liked Songs" collection based on genre or mood. That way your favorite tunes can better match how you might feel at any given moment.

Your "Liked Songs" on Spotify are a collection of you—spanning every genre you've ever enjoyed and each mood you've experienced. Some days, you might be looking to play the entire eclectic mix, while on others, you're searching for a certain feel.

To use the filter, navigate to "Your Library" and "Liked Songs". At the top of the collection, you'll find a list of genres and moods to choose from. Selecting one will filter out the tracks that fall under that quality. To switch to another mood or genre, tap the X next to the current filter and the list will return.

Spotify states that the filter will work for users with 30 or more tracks in their collection. The feature will generate up to 15 moods and genres to choose from and will update based on newly added or removed tracks. This removes much of the work involved with creating your own playlist for every mood you might be in, meaning you're free to quickly select a mood and blast your favorite tunes with your Nest Audio.

The new genre and mood filter will roll out in the coming weeks for Android and iOS users in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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