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Spoiler Alert! If you're using a Note 7 ROM, you're going to get Note 7 notifications

Samsung's recall of the Note 7 means two things — lots of people curious about whether their phone might be next, and lots of misinformation about how Samsung is handling the recall. We've seen reports claiming Samsung will send kill signals to phones, claims that Samsung has been monitoring existing Note 7 users, and now claims that Samsung is pulling phones running Note 7 software.

The one thing all of these stories have in common is that they aren't at all true, but that last one is what happens when you don't fully understand how rooting and romming works.

Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was running some interesting software that isn't available to all other Samsung phones. As a result, some of the more clever Samsung users out there have flashed modified versions of the Note 7 software to other phones. Samsung doesn't know (or care) about the difference between a real Note 7 and a phone running Note 7 software, which means when Samsung pushes a recall notification to all active Note 7 phones reminding them of the need to submit the phone for a recall everything gets it. One of those people, a Redditor with a Note 4 running Note 7 software, got that message and shared it. What happened next on tech blogs eager to write anything new about the Note 7 will surprise no one.

Is this a reason to panic? Of course not. If you are smart enough to root and flash Note 7 software to your Note 4, you're more than smart enough to know Samsung's recall notification doesn't apply to you. Samsung isn't sending updates to disable your phone, and there is no massive surge in people sending in Samsung phones that aren't the Note 7 for a recall because they're running Note 7 software.

If you'd like to explore applying Note 7 software to something that isn't a Note 7, you should start with our guide to rooting your Android phone and learn from there!

Russell is a Contributing Editor at Android Central. He's a former server admin who has been using Android since the HTC G1, and quite literally wrote the book on Android tablets. You can usually find him chasing the next tech trend, much to the pain of his wallet. Find him on Facebook and Twitter

  • I wonder how it performs. I've held off rooting my N4 bc of Knox but I don't care about that anymore.
    I'd try this out if it's worth it
  • Gotta hand it to XDA, though. Love what they do.
  • I was surprised, and amused when someone decided to put window 7 on an Asus Zenfone 2
  • Lol, everything is exploding
  • Yeah, I realized this last week when I got a strongly worded notification about turning in my Note 7 (I have a Note 4). They can have my Note 7/4 when they pry it from my cold, dead hands (which would be more likely if I actually had a Note 7).
  • They wouldn't be cold, though, would they?
  • Time to update your note 7 marshmallow roms to the new nougat s7 roms. So much better and the note 7 roms were already nice.
  • Who uses Note 7 these days? Note 8 is where its at!
  • This gave me a good chuckle hahaha Thank you
  • Where's my note 6?
  • Laughing at the note 7 and telling Samsung: "what did we learn about odd numbers?"
  • Revenge of the Sixth
  • pretty sad seeing the state of Android Central android authority and other clearly payed tech "journalist" trying to bash the SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 7 for a supposed "fault", nowadays phone explode all the time and are you seeing the make it to the news? Noooooo its Only SAMSUNG that gets the blame, at the end of the day all of this is just a lot of sissy fits SAMSUNG will recover from this so called "issue" and back to the number 1 spot they had FOR YEARS with their PROVEN products Samsung is king of mobile industry period it's been that way for a long time and will be so long as other company like Motorola and HTC keep sucking mayor monkey balls. For me it's been pretty clear since day one SAMSUNG is the GOLD STANDAR of technology with their true multitasking phones and wristwatch communicators pimp slap the competition so hard it's comical if you're not rolling SAMSUNG youre really not rolling at all. (The legend never dies)