Space Channel 5 VR makes the jump to PSVR this month, Quest/PC soon

Space Channel 5 Vr Psvr
Space Channel 5 Vr Psvr (Image credit: SEGA)

What you need to know

  • Space Channel 5 releases on the PS4 for PSVR on February 25 for $39.99.
  • A PC and Oculus Quest version are still listed as "coming soon".
  • This is the first entry into the series since the Dreamcast/PS2 release of Space Channel 5: Part 2 in 2002.

If you owned a Dreamcast 20 years ago, it's likely that you've either played or at least heard of Space Channel 5. SEGA's unique space-themed rhythm title made waves with its stylish visuals and addictive gameplay, and now a new entry into the series promises to take the groovy gameplay into a totally new dimension: VR. Launching on February 25 for $39.99 in the U.S. and in Europe just a day later, Space Channel 5 VR marks the first entry in the series since the release of Space Channel 5: Part 2 on Dreamcast and PS2 in 2002.

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As with previous entries in the series, players will find themselves dancing alongside news reporter Ulala as she covers the story of an alien invasion. While previous entries in the series had players performing finger gymnastics, this entry is focused far more on actual fitness and dance, with exercise and endurance modes that will keep you coming back daily with calorie counting and other metrics in tow. Novice players can jump into the arcade mode for a more pick-up-and-play experience, and Space Channel 5 veterans will be happy to know that there are plenty of unlockables and outfits to collect along the way, too.

Players will be expected to have Playstation Move controllers with their PSVR, as the action is frenetic and the poses wild. You'll have to out-dance aliens, of course, so you'd better bring your best dance moves to the table and be ready for anything as you encounter stranger aliens along the way. The game was originally announced for the HTC Vive back in 2016 and is still listed as "coming soon" for PC VR platforms as well as the Oculus Quest. Check out the trailer below.

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