GPe Pad

LG-V510 could be the first Google Play edition tablet, according to open-source listing

Update: The LG G Pad 8.3 is official, and available to buy right now!

There's been some speculation online lately surrounding an upcoming LG tablet carrying the model number LG-V510. Twitter leaker @evleaks recently published info suggesting it'd be a "Google open" device, and now files in an open-source code drop from LG itself refer to it as the "G Pad 8.3 Google Play edition."

The source code and framework support files appear to be from KitKat-based software, as you'd expect from this kind of tablet. What's more, Android Police has come up with a build.prop from the purported tablet, which is consistent with what we'd expect from such a device. So there are some strong indicators that we could be on the way to the first Google Play edition tablet, which might join the existing GPe phones on Google's online store.

G Pad Nexus 7

The question of what a Google Play edition G Pad brings to the table that's not present in the Nexus 7 is a little more difficult to answer. The existing G Pad — be sure to read our full review — sports a microSD slot, a metal chassis and a larger, better-looking display, but besides that the internal hardware is very similar, and the G Pad currently sits at a price point above the Nexus tablet, selling for $350.

We'll wait on an official announcement before speculating any further, as we've seen other potential GPe devices fall through the cracks. In the meantime, hit the comments and let us know whether you'd pay $350 for an LG tablet with stock Android.

Update: Looks like LG's QPair phone-to-tablet sync app has recently been updated to support the LG-V510, which it identifies as a G Pad 8.3 — thanks for the tip, itsmekalyan.

Source: LG; via: Reddit, More: Android Police