Sony's roadmap leaked for its Xperia X10 line of phones (hint: No Froyo)

A leaked roadmap for Sony's Xperia X10 line of phones has been found, showing some of the future updates for the devices. According to the document, there will be three major firmware releases upcoming: 1.6, 2.1 and 2.1x. The Xperia X10 is set to get 2.1 shortly (we have been hearing that for a while), and this update will bring:

  • 720 video recording with continuous autofocus
  • Five homescreens
  • HTML5 support
  • A social phonebook that will linke Facebook and Twitter with your Contacts

The X10 Mini, X10 Mini Pro, as well as the X8 are also due to receive the 2.1 OTA. With this update, small updates are given including:

  • An incremental change in the four corner navigation
  • Bluetooth 2.1

After 2.1, Sony is preparing 2.1x, which is there renewed and alledgly improved UX platform to Timescape and Mediascape.

The bad news is that there was no mention of Froyo (2.2) in the roadmap, leading us and users to question whether the X10 will ever be getting the latest OS version.

No word on dates from the roadmap; we have been hearing that the X10 will be updated so often that anyone's guess to when that will be is as good as ours.  [Xperiax10 via Se-nse]

  • What is Froyo!
    Sony Ericsson
  • LOL nice
  • Sony Ericsson took too many Nokia lessons.
  • This is one of the reasons I would never buy a sony phone or product for that matter. I also stay away from Dell.
  • Maybe they're waiting for Gingerbread
  • Not likely, recently released SE devices still ship with 1.6. SE and Motorola should compete against each other for releasing phones that are obsolete on launch day.
  • Sony Ericsson...not on the cutting edge of technology. FAIL
  • I was really looking into picking up an X10 but the fact that it's STILL on 1.6 is just unacceptable. No thanks SE.