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Sony Ericsson does our job for us, unboxes the Xperia X10 itself

Well it seems like the guys over at Sony Ericsson have taken all the fun with the unboxing of the Xperia X10 for us -- even though we had our hands on it a couple months ago at CES, and again at Mobile World Congress. So if they want to show off the box themselves, that's cool ...

We still aren't sure when or if the X10 will ever make its way to the United States, which is par for the course at this point for the Xperia line. Check out the video after the break. [sony ericsson]

[YouTube Link]

  • I'm so sick of this phone already !! Sony really dropped the ball with this one. Still no conformation on when its getting released....... BAD JOB BY SONY
  • Ya this x10 thing is getting pretty old and the phone isn't even out yet, kind of reminds me of the Meizu M8 its coming just wait for it, wait for it, Those are some nice boxes in all but get the phone into the hands of the people that want it or get going on the x11 for 2012 or something like that.
  • The X10 was announced in November and SE said at the time that is was suppose to be out at the end of Q1 2010. And now it is. =)
  • Hopefully one month away for us Canadians. I cannot wait to rid myself of my Moto Q!
  • I'm so ready to move onto something else that's going to have a lot more potential than my HTC Touch Pro... Just waiting for AT&T to bring out another Android phone seeing as how the Backflip is a waste.
  • I really, really wanted to get this phone. It's the only one with the screen size I want and *respectable* memory (for an Android phone, that is). I still love the Rachael UI. My concern/fear is ongoing support. If it took this long to put out the phone, how much longer will updates take, if at all? And looking at their history with Windows Mobile support, I'm not given to optimism. Oh, and I'm not feelin' paying $1,000 for a phone either
  • I just pre-ordered my X10. It will arrive in 2 weeks time. =)
    Price (including 25% vat) was $550...unlocked and unsubsidized. The X10 will be on sale in the northens parts of europe + japan at the end of the month.