Sony Xperia Tablet leaks once again, aluminum shell shown up close

Following the huge leak just over a week ago that revealed its existence, the Sony Xperia Tablet has emerged once again today, in the form of leaked press renders. The renders obtained by ​XperiaBlog show the Tegra 3-powered, Xperia-branded tablet up-close, allowing a more detailed view of the new aluminum back and folded magazine style chassis. The trademark wedge, while not as pronounced as in last year's Tablet S, is plain to see.

Sony's Tablet S was one of the more unique Honeycomb tablets to emerge late last year, and the Xperia Tablet is shaping up to be a worthy successor, with Android 4.x, a quad-core CPU and software aesthetics influenced by Sony's smartphone range.

Sony's new tablet is expected to make an appearance at the company's IFA press conference later this month, with a launch rumored in time for the holidays. Tentative pricing is purported to start at $449.99 for the 16GB version. 32GB is set for $549.99, and 64GB for $649.99.

We've got a couple more leaked renders after the break.

Source: XperiaBlog

Alex Dobie
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  • Holy Giant Bezel!!!!!
  • Bezel is needed for thumb rest. Less or one to unneeded touches. Pretty damn sexy. Wonder if well sew a windows 8 version
  • am i the only one that thinks it Ugly? just like the last one. as for the bezel...someone company needs to make a "edge to edge" diplay for a could get about 12" in something the size of current 10.1 then just use a virtual bezel (normal black border on the left and right which dont register touch and maybe it rotates with screen orientation or something so you have full height of the screen holding it either way) during normal use, and have it hide (like the galaxy nexus) when watching videos....that would be sweet. but until that happens, a real bezel is necessary on tablets...just use one for a little bit and notice how you hold it. you would be touching the screen if the bezel wasn't there.
  • Look at Alex Dobie crank out the stories! 9 of the last 14 are from him, and one of the others OS a deal of the day and doesn't really count. Did someone give this guy a 5 Hour Energy or something? Because whatever he's taking, I want some, too! ;-)
  • No matter what Alex needs a raise!
  • Again, Sony is behind its competition. By the time this is available for purchase, Tegra 3 will probably be old news. And if those tentative price points are true then this will be a flop for sure. I'm not trying to bash Sony, even if I sounded a bit too negative.