Sony Xperia T drops by the FCC with AT&T LTE support, we feign surprise

You already knew the Sony Xperia T was headed to AT&T, right? The phone's cropped up a couple of times before sporting AT&Ts "globe" branding, and today brings further evidence, as the device has appeared at the FCC with support for AT&T-friendly LTE bands. The international Xperia T, due to launch next week, doesn't feature LTE support at all, and it looks like the AT&T version has undergone some minor changes in order to enable 4G connectivity. As we pointed out in earlier leaked renders of the AT&T Xperia T, the back is split up into segments, most likely to help out with antenna performance.

There's no word on exactly when the Xperia T will be arriving on AT&T, but given the half-year wait Sony fans endured for the Xperia Ion, we're not holding our breath.

Source: FCC, via: PhoneArena

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • i don't think its as far off as you think. pass the fcc and its featured in the new James bond movie that launches November 9th. so Im guessing it would be somewhere around that time.
  • Yes!! I'm looking for an LTE phone replacement for my beloved GNex and if the next Nexus phone does not come with AT&T LTE support, then the Xperia T is my next phone :)
  • Samsung GS III has LTE support. I love the speed and no issues so far. I would look into it.
  • I'm hoping that this phone doesn't take 6 months to come out. It is already pushing my patience waiting for it with the SGS3's lowering price not helping any.
  • I'm just waiting on on the Sprint SONY device to go with my all SONY gaming and entertainment setup.