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Android Central @ CES

It's Sony's turn to take the CES stage, and they've arrived with yet another entry into its Xperia lineup: meet the Xperia Z1 Compact, a miniaturized, colorful version of the company's  Z1 flagship.

We think this model will have the same broad appeal as its Xperia Z1, as it ships with nearly the same specs: we're looking at the same waterproof coating, Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 gigs of RAM.  The Z1 Compact also matches the Z1's camera: here, you'll find the same 20.7 MP shooter with f/2.0 lens and Exmor CMOS sensor, which Sony promises is one of the best mobile shooters in the business.

Here, though, Sony opted for a smaller, 4.3-inch display with 720p resolution. Sony also opted for a more colorful finish, and the Z1 Compact will ship in black, white, yellow and pink.

We'll be hunting down demo units for some quality hands on time once Sony's presser wraps up, but until we do, be sure to head over to our #CESLive hub for the rest of today's news.

  • Wish the new Nexus 10 was here :( Posted via Android Central App from Nexus 7 2013
  • Same. I also wish Sony made the next Nexus Posted via Android Central App
  • My first Android was an Xperia, back in the 1.5 donut days. Since then I've used an HTC, a Samsung, and now an LG (the latter 2 are Nexii). Sony is still my #1 pick for a Nexus manufacturer, hands-down. No other manufacturer can even compete, imho.
  • This is awesome, so excited to see a super solid flagship device with a smaller screen. Between the size and the camera, I actually might want this one. Posted via Android Central App
  • Hope this costs less than 400, because other than memory expansion and camera, the nexus 5 has this beat. Posted via Android Central App
  • How does the Nexus 5 have this beat? I'd say this is an entirely different product category on its own. I can't think of many 4.2 inch screen smartphones sporting a Snapdragon 800 and a 20 mp camera. I'd also argue that a memory expansion slot is pretty big deal for a lot of people. This is probably the only smartphone I can think of that is a smaller size variant of its big brother while maintaining nearly identical hardware.
  • +1 Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!
  • Just on a pure spec sheet comparison. This is definitely in its own league in terms of a power-to-size ratio Posted via Android Central App
  • This Sony would eat the nexus 5 for breakfast with it super camera I wish I could buy it right now I would do it in a heartbeat, just the right size phone with great hardware and a killer camera ,plus waterproof!!!
  • I completely agree. I'm a Nexus user because I love the open-ness of Google's flagship devices, but Sony is a very close second in that category. If their next flagship is even in the same ballpark price as an unlocked device, my next android will definitely be a Sony again!
  • That's because there are no others 1 up for Sony Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or Moto G
  • Can't wait to see this on T-Mobile in 6 months
  • That would be a nice thing. Posted via Android Central App
  • Only two things I didn't liked: 1 - the fact that the 32GB version is not available in Europe; 2 - the lack of the purple version. Those two things made me pass on this. I'd rather get the Z1 instead. 16GB for 16GB, I rather have the phone in purple and with 1080p.Even though I do like the size of the Compact better. Pity. Oh well...there's always MWC =P
  • Xperia is a really dumb name.
  • Ok.... Posted via Android Central App
  • And so is your username.
  • Wait is that a Lumia? Lol Great Job Sony! This is how you do "Mini" looking at you Samsucks!
  • Hey look! The smartphone every body was waiting for, very powerful small device. *Nobody buy it!*
  • It's always good to support the mid-range market.