Sony: Unlocked Xperia Z2 headed to U.S. online store

While Sony continues to struggle to get its Xperia phones directly into U.S. carrier stores, there's good news for American Sony fans wanting to pick up GSM unlocked versions of the company's latest Xperia Z2. Engadget reports that the Japanese firm has confirmed its intention to sell the Z2 on its online store in the U.S. at some point "in the near future."

The move would be a continuation of Sony's existing strategy which has seen unlocked versions of Xperias Z and Z1 going on sale in the U.S., though buyers can probably expect a fairly hefty price tag when the unlocked Z2 arrives. With reports of Xperia Z2 delays in many countries, though, it's not too surprising that we don't have a precise U.S. launch date just yet — but at least we know it's on its way.

The news isn't so great for fans of the smaller Xperia Z1 Compact, however, with Sony reportedly having no plans to bring the 4.3-incher to American shores.

Source: Engadget

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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