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Sony teases waterproof devices ahead of IFA 2014

Sony continues to tease its new devices ahead of IFA 2014, and this time, they're talking about water resistance. In a tweet from Sony UK, the company has the following message, accompanied by an image of a pool with text that indicates possible waterproofing of two meters, or possible greater.

We'll be getting deep at #IFA2014. But how deep..? #SonyIFA

Sony recently introduced the Xperia M2 Aqua, a mid-range phone with an IP65/68 waterproofing rating. It's likely that at least one device that Sony will be discussing at IFA will have similar waterproofing.

How waterproof do you need your device to be? Tell us below in the comments.

Source: Sony UK on Twitter, via Xperia Blog

  • I wouldn't buy a phone because it's waterproof but it's good that waterproof seems to be a standard for flagships going into next year. n5
  • Aren't all high end Sony's waterproof anyway? Posted via Caseless GT-S7500 because I need an excuse to get a new phone
  • Yes, at least for current generation. The ZR/ZL weren't water-proof. Current Sony phones have a IP55/58 rating. The M2 Aqua has IP65/68 rating. Definitely the right way. Ideally, all phones would be IP69.
  • Dude, get your facts straight. The Xperia ZR was VERY waterproof. It even had a higher rating than the original Z.
  • As far as I know every Z-phone is water- and dustproof... :)
  • The z series are water resistance and not water proof Posted via the Android Central App
  • Ok, thanks for explaining :) Anyway they have that IP rating
  • For a phone, I think the rating of the S5 is sufficient. But I would prefer a smartwatch that is water resistant enough to go swimming with and not worry about (depths greater than 2 meters). Posted via Android Central App
  • ^this^ Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah
    Some flip phones in the past Millennium had annoying flaps also.
  • I think every screen should be water resistant. Its such a small thing but it makes a huge difference Posted via Android Central App
  • Please please, I hope it's the rumored Z3 Compact. If the Nexus 6 really ends up being bigger than the 5, then I'll be done with Nexus devices. The 5 is already too big. So if Sony released a waterproof Z3 Compact, that'll probably be my next phone.
  • The Z3 Compact will be waterproof as the Z1 Compact already is and the Z3 will also be. Being the Z3 Compact the only "mini" version of the flagship, it will also have it. Question is really only what sort of IP certification will it have
  • How is the Nexus 5 too big?? That phone had the best in hand feel to me. Perfect size. I think anything over 5.2 inches or bigger than the G2 is too much. Posted via Android Central App
  • I never thought I needed one until my most recent vacation. Tropical Storm Cristobal had me leaving my phone in my room and my waterproof Fujifilm camera in my pocket. Would have been nice to have both and I'm happy to pay a little more for the feature... Posted via Android Central App
  • Being able to withstand up to 4 atmosphere's down Santa Rosa wall in Cozumel would be great.. Does WiFi work 100 feet down? Hehe Posted via Android Central App
  • Come to the US Sony Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry posted to wrong comment.
  • I just hope that the Note 4 is waterproof....
  • It will come water logged with useless apps Posted via Android Central App
  • That's a given! But will be H2O proof?? LOL
  • Unlikely with the s-pen
  • Why not? The silo doesn't need to have access to the inside of the device and the s-pen could be protected when it's in the silo.... or just take your chance with the spen - I want the phone to survive getting wet. LOL
  • I live in Scotland so...
  • It's important to me!. I have a G-shock, that I never take off. Go swimming,hiking,biking with it everywhere. So I know that is one thing I will be looking at for my first smart watch purchase. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Bring it to T-Mobile and I'll buy it. Posted via Android Central App
  • its reassuring to know that Sony is fully committed to waterproofing across their broad range of products
  • The only water risk my phone regularly experiences is an almost drop in the urinal. So, as long as I can give it a good wash afterwards. A bit of disinfectant.