Sony's 'no more leaks' sign gets leaked

When it comes to information about upcoming handsets, Sony has proved to be a rather leaky organization. We were hearing details about its current flagship phone, the Xperia Z1, some four months ahead of its announcement. Understandably, Sony higher-ups want to put a stop to this trend, and so anti-leaking posters have been deployed throughout the company's headquarters. Naturally, that poster itself has now been leaked online.

Images first appeared on Chinese forum Digi-Wo showing warnings in English, Chinese and Japanese, instructing those with "confidential phones" to "strictly follow prototype usage rules." These include not using devices without a "protective cover," not showing them to outsiders unless under NDA, not uploading images to social networks and interestingly, not using third-party benchmarking apps. The online components of benchmark apps have provided accurate hardware info for many Android devices in the past, including unreleased Sony phones.

Time will tell whether Sony's new anti-leaks strategy pays off, however rumors of a possible Xperia Z1 "mini" and a Z2 are already circulating online, with the latter tipped for a CES 2014 unveiling.

Source: Digi-Wo; via: XperiaBlog

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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