Sony Ericsson LiveView: For when your pocket is just too far away

Bluetooth watches aren't exactly new, but Sony Ericsson's new LiveView accessory is, and it's looking to keep your phone in your pocket. The basic idea is that it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and then repeats information such as Facebook updates, music controls, calls, texts, RSS feeds, calendar reminders and so forth -- all on a 1.3-inch OLED display.

What's missing, you ask? We would love to have seen an integrated noise-canceling microphone, so that we could slip on a leather jacket, poof up our hair, summon our Pontiac Trans Am and fight crime at a moment's notice. A shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist. A young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless, in a world of criminals who operate above the law.

But, alas, that dream will have to wait. Again.

The LiveView is compatible with Android 2.0 and up (and, says SE, the Xperia line, even though it's still stuck on Donut) and will be available in the fourth quarter. Check it out in action after the break. [Sony Ericsson]

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Phil Nickinson
  • So oddly enough this won't work with the x10.
  • Actually, SE says it will, though it may be assuming the 2.1 update? Either way, I just updated the post.
  • Not bad...but I think I'll hold on to my g shock...this will probably murder my battery
  • Interesting how this comes out after the Apple Nano gets aired on TV, that thing is waaaay too small to do anything with other than music and maybe videos.
  • This reminds me of the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry that was NEVER released. This one kicks its butt though. Strangely enough, on the website under, "Compatibility > Other Devices" it only lists the HTC Desire and the Galaxy S? You sure it is compatible with all 2.0+ devices?
  • Azothyran I was just about to post that because the guy above made it sounds like they were biting off of the Nano. I'm really interested in this device but only see me really using it when working out. Depending on the price point I might get it.
  • I will admit that it looks similar to the Nano, but why does that matter? It's a cool device. I'm thrilled about the prospect of this device. And I will agree…as long as it isn't as expensive as my phone was, I'll invest in one. I'm usually in an environment where my device can't be checked while on the job, but this would solve that problem. Plus, I wouldn't have to unlock the phone to change music tracks.
  • I'm just tired of everyone copying Apple. Why don't these other companies come up with their own designs. I like how they made the edges touch unlike the Apple Nano, then your figures aren't in the way, but it looks very similar to Apple hardware. Microsoft copied for years, Dell, HP are copying laptop designs and now iPhone Google copied the OS and it looks exactly like the iOS. And now the iPad is being copied. Looks like an iPad and the Android OS looks like an iPad. They may have more features, but they still look like Apple's designs.
  • And Apple copied HP, Palm, IBM, Toshiba, and HTC. The natural progression of Tech is nobody's "idea", no matter what Steve tells you. And knowing SE, this device has been in production long, long before any specs or images of the Nanope came to light. If anything, they're copying RIM, who copied PanTek, who copied Casio. Just like Apple did.
  • Just to clarify, the inPulse WASN'T being manufactured by RIM, it was being manufactured by a college-level startup company called Allerta. And yes, I can almost guarantee that SE has been working on this longer than Apple had been working on the Nano. But who cares?
  • That kind of stuff, with similar design was available long before that nano was available. Then are you going to say nano copied them? I am just tired of everybody thinking Apple-central. If you want to say something copied Apple's stuff, check whether something like that was available before Apple.
  • Is there really a market for this? How lazy are you when you cant get your phone out of your pocket? So are we going to have joggers reading rss feeds while they are crossing traffic?
  • Zing!
  • They deserve to be run over if they do that.
  • When I bike, I use Cardio Trainer on my EVO. I wear a hydration backpack (these are 40-60 mile rides; training for a century) and the EVO is in the backpack. A device such as this would be really nice for those situations so I can control things without having to stop and fish my device out of the backpack. As it stands now, I use a bluetooth headset so I have basic control over music and phone calls but not much more. Even if I have to pull over to check something, it would be nice not to have to unstrap my hydration backpack just to fish out the EVO. Never assume that a market doesn't exist for a product just because the product is not right for you.
  • this would be great with tablets.. you could just leave them in your backpack
  • what jogging app did the have running on that adroid phone? I can't understand what he said. sounded like "sport------ pro."
  • It's called SportyPal Pro.
  • I'm fairly certain the concept of the cell phone is handy enough. This will:
    1. Kill the phone battery
    2. Be yet another thing to charge
  • Without 3.5mm headset jack this device is a complete FAIL I am a big fan of being able to play music on my phone via bluetooth streaming. I had a Jabra BT3030 for years (got it for use with my winmo HTC/Verizon XV6800)and when it just recently crapped out I bought the new Jabra Clipper. When I first saw this device I got really excited and kinda wished I hadn't bought the Clipper. But upon further reading and checking the site (Caribean EN version since US EN version doesn't have this item up yet) I realized this thing won't play a music stream and thought wow what an epic fail. At least the nano has a headphone jack and plays music. If this thing had a headphone out jack and a noise canceling mic it would be on my personal wish list, without the jack at least it seems completely useless.
  • Its not a standalone device at all. Its just a controller/viewer for your phone. So don't bitch at it for not being what you want. It could never ever play a music stream, because its not a music player. The music will still come from your phone. However, I do agree that they should definitely have put a 3.5m jack on it, then it'd be a really awesome alternative to a BT headset adapter like the BT3030. You never, know someone may hack it all to bits and make it more functional, but I wouldn't get one. If there was a plugin so that you could get a proper music interface on it (ie select artist/album/track) then i might be interested more, for conveniance, but just skip and stuff is a bit meh. If it has say a £50 price, then I might get one for the cool factor. Otherwise, no. Maybe samsung will make one thats really awesome.
  • When I say stream I really mean just the ability to play bluetooth stereo that is originating from the phone, where the music is stored, not actually play music on the device like a stand alone device. To me a device like this isn't complete without serving as a place to connect my headphones. It's not really that I personally want it (I do) but more that I personally think it should have the functionality that a device like the BT3030 or Clipper has. With that additional functionality it would be a homerun imo. As far as music interface I think just having the existing stock music player (2.2) widget would be enough as it offers all the functions you can have via bluetooth (play,pause, song skip).
  • Why are people comparing this to a Nano? They don't even do the same thing! This is not an mp3 player. Do people think it's copied because the form factor looks similar? You do realize that other devices have used this form factor before the Nano? It's like saying a Tom Tom GPS is an iPhone ripoff because it's a touchscreen slab.
  • i need a watch... i cant pull my phone out at work without being murdered .. just found a solution. its convenient for some and for others its stupid.. we get it.. it looks like the nano.. we get it. isnt this an android forum?? why are so many people so die hard for apple right now?
  • What do you have on your tablet that you can't already check on your phone? I honestly think this "thing" is useless and extremely unnecessary.
  • Am I the only one who immediately thought this would be perfect to mount on the triple on a motorcycle, or worn on the wrist? I hate feeling my phone vibrate, and thinking "Hmm, if that's important, I should stop and pull over to check it". Then, when I check, its some nonsense email that's not important. Mount this bad boy in plain site, or on your wrist like a watch, and voila...easy quick glancing to see if its worth pulling over for. Plus, if it'll mimic the display from the phone, you could use it as a GPS speedo, or with trapster.
  • Exactly. Good point. Plus, the fact that its firmware is flexible enough to allow other apps to integrate into it, that just adds even more functionality to it.
  • LiveView is useless for what is was designed for...however the way they implemented the controls on this device is amazing!!!
  • It can also come in handy at the gym or while jogging/cycling. With an application like SportyPal Pro, LiveView can display elapsed minutes, speed, heart rate, climb or other statistics. This is will be in the "Experience Pack" as I understand.