Sony Ericsson gives update on status of X10 series updates (hint: delayed)

Many X10 users have been anxiously awaiting the OS update for their device so that they can finally be on Android 2.1. We have seen this update pushed back many times, then confirmed to still be on track, and with a recent update from Sony Ericsson we come to find out it has been delayed again.  The new timeline is said to have an October rollout, instead of September (funny, since the month is almost over) but they firmly believe that the extra time will be worth the wait in the quality of the build. While it seems to be the same song and dance coming from them everytime an update is near, we hope this date holds true for all you X10 users. For more information about this update and to see exactly what it will bring to your device, check out this link. [via Sony Ericsson Blog]

Jared DiPane
Jared started off writing about mobile phones back when BlackBerry ruled the market, and Windows Mobile was kinda cool. Now, with a family, mortgage and other responsibilities he has no choice but to look for the best deals, and he's here to share them with you.
  • Was at tje GDGT show in boston last night and I saw the sony booth and just walked the other way (I already handled an X10 in one of their Sony Style stores) . . . I'm soo depressed by this phone even the hardware feels lackluster/cheap.
  • Their is no way it takes them nine months to overlay that crap ui over 2.1 and if this is any indication of speed at which they update their phones I will never buy one. Even if it prints money and grants me three wishes
  • Even if those wishes are for Froyo, A Hot Tub, and the Girl from Apartment 7B?
  • I wasn't aware that there were "many" Sony X10 users. Seriously though, if you were dumb enough to buy a Sony phone then you don't deserve an update. I'm ashamed to have Sony's brand associated with Android, because its giving first time Android users a bad first impression.
  • True that. I was going to say the same thing. What would possess somebody to hand Sony a dime for their crap.
  • They could make it worth the wait, or rather make the phone worth its price, by giving it 2.2 straight away. Putting a new phone on the shelves in September 2010 that runs 1.6? Ridiculous.
  • Word of advice: do not buy any phone with outdated software out the box regardless of carrier/manufacturer promises........period!
  • Damn, they still haven't learned. I remember buying the Xperia X1. Paid a lot of money for it. What they advertised and sold are two different crap. Nice hardware but the os was crap and till TODAY if i recall they still refuse to even give the phone the up to date version of WM. I am willing to bet they will delay it again after October :) i have no faith in Sony anymore....
  • Hear that sound? its Sony dropping the ball again. They should stick to TV's PS3 and other home electronics.