Sony Ericsson Android slider leaks out, successor to the X10 Mini Pro?

It appears another device has slipped out of the Sony Ericsson camp. The above Android 2.3 loaded slider has now turned up in China where it is rumored to be the successor to the X10 Mini Pro. Specs you say? How about a 1GHz chip with an Adreno 205 GPU that pushes 42.5fp via Neocore. All of which is powering a 3-inch 320 x 480 multitouch LCD. When put to the test Quadrant benchmarks at 1,553 was the final analysis. Aside from that info not much else is really known about the mysterious slider but if you dig Sony Ericsson devices, hit the break for one more shot. [IT168 via]

  • A 3in slider? that keyboard must be cramped
  • I thought Quadrant couldn't run on Gingerbread for some reason and that was why Jerry couldn't use it when he was benchmarking the Nexus S (
  • Sony making a phone is like Yamaha making a car. They should just stick to what they know best.
  • And what is it you think they know best? TVs, stereos, gaming consoles? Their first product was a rice cooker, where would electronics be if they chose to "stick with what they know best" back then? They've made phones for years and are exceptionally good at it... though I have to agree wholeheartedly that regarding smart phones, they are well bellow the curve and take way too long to push out updates. But again, "what they know best" is quite a number of products.
  • Wow. Well said sir. I've never researched the company, but when I think of Sony, I think ps3 or PSP, and not quality phones or TVs. Or rice cookers for that matter lol, but I'm sure its just a matter of time before they make quality phones. I do know that I wouldn't buy one with your money.
  • And I mean no disrespect. Really well said. I agree sony should test different areas of technology. Your totally right. This phone does look promising but how long will it function correctly is my question. Not longer than my Droid 1.
  • Everything is small lol n there eyes 2 but seriously n 3 in. Is way to small but the lg rumor touch has a 3in. Screen n da keyboard is good n nice
  • i like the looks of it, small YES that must be why there are calling MINI... Not everyone needs a 4'3(i do!)
  • Sony (with Ericsson, since 2001) have been making decent phones for years. In my experience, it's Motorola that seriously need to look at quality control. My X10 Mini Pro survived 5 seconds submerged in a bath, still works without any issues.