Sonos updates its Android app with a better rooms menu and more

Some of the features included in this Sonos 5.3 update were previously released in a beta version in January. They include:

  • Managing the music in all the rooms in the home is even faster. We made the menu for the rooms in your house available from any screen of the Sonos App so customers can effortlessly move their music around their home.
  • New dedicated screens for Now Playing and music discovery on iOS and Android tablets makes toggling between screens more intuitive for a better tablet experience.
  • Improved navigation for search and browsing makes it easier for customers to find and listen to their favorites and queue up more music at the same time.
  • The track progression bar is now prominently displayed within the Now Playing screen below the album art. Customers can drag it to whatever point in the song they want to play.
John Callaham