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Sonos Controller for Android now available in the market

The ability to control things right from your Android device is always a great feeling, and today Sonos has given that ability to users of its high-end multi-room music system who also rock an Android device. Sonos officially announced that you can now transform your Android device into a wireless controller for your Sonos system, giving you the ability to play the same song throughout the house, or different songs in different rooms.

“We’re pleased to deliver a great new way for music lovers to tap into all the music on earth,” said John MacFarlane, founder and CEO, Sonos, Inc. “Now Android owners can pull out their phones and bring music home with Sonos.”

If you are a Sonos enthusiast, and own an Android device be sure to head to the market and download this free application now. Download links available after the break. [Sonos (opens in new tab)]

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  • i dunno about sonos but those features are wonderful!
  • I wanted one until I saw the price :( I'll just keep using my ps3/xbox.
  • Sorry, I don't know what Sonos is. Perhaps a short explanation next time? Thanks.
  • Nice biased review. I guess there are only those who have one and those that want one. Since I'm neither, I guess I can't vote.
  • Wait, I can't find the option for "No, because I have no idea what you're talking about." Please fix.
  • I did have to hesitate (briefly) in voting since you didn't bog down your review with a full explanation of Sonos....i used the internet to research and discover a whole new world around me...then i voted in your poll!
  • Android Central is hardly alone in doing this, but I wish writers who create polls would stop loading them with editorial asides. The proper options for a yes/no poll are "Yes" and "No", not "Nope, but I'd sure like to." Let people give the context for their vote in the comments. I'd say at least 60% of the polls I've seen on AC leave me wishing for a "None of the above" simply because the qualifiers after each option don't fit.
  • I'd also appreciate it if the Android Central writers would stop having fun. This site is a lot more entertaining when all news updates are dry and bland. Also, I hate sarcasm.
  • As someone who listens to music everywhere and all the time, I'd rather manually control it from my computer while listening on a proper surround-sound home theater system than controlling it from my phone and listening on a half-assed speaker! oh, and no I don't want that speaker (how about making this an option?)
  • Obviously you have never heard a Sonos system because the self contained speakers are self amplified and produce extremely high quality sound. Also there are several different components you can buy one of which lets you add your home theater system to the Sonos network. And unless you have speaker wire throughout your house your home theater system only provides music for one room.
  • @MongarEric
    If you're referring to the S5 Sonos speaker, it may in fact be "a half-assesed speaker" (I don't own one). But if you read a little more, there is other Sonos hardware that will connect to your proper surround-sound home theater system. I listen to my Sonos system through my living room theater system, and also by my pool wirelessly with a Sonos zone and small stereo in the garage. You can buy a Sonos zone player that doesn't need an amp, but it's more expensive. For me it was cheaper to buy the Sonos zone player wihtout the amp, and pick up a cheap stereo from CraigsList.
  • You ALL must be HIGH!!! This system is the best thing since sliced bread. If you are on here, you have access to the internet. Get off your lazy butt and do some research yourself. Do we need to have Lloyd wipe your butt for you too?
  • Seriously, Sonos IS great. If you know what it is, and you don't hate music, I cant imagine answering that poll any other way. They aren't asking if you will buy one, just if you would like one. Quality wise, sonos will accurately play FLAC files with no added compression which, when not botched in the making, are effectively indistinguishable from a CD. Related topic: Squeezebox is damn sweet too, with much more internet content than Sonos, but the multi room experience is not as seamless and overall setup is more difficult. But it doesn't really get any easier than Sonos, so the bar is pretty high in that regard.
    Logitech has let me down BIGTIME with the piss-poor squeezebox control app they put out recently. The Sonos app is great so far. Edit- I apologize to Logitech! I was a stupid user who didn't update my squeezebox firmware. After I did, the logitech squeezebox controller works excellently.
  • Ever heard of logitech squeezebox devices? They do the exact same thing but instead of the sonos line they are very affordable. I've got 3 of them (the duet, radio and boom) and amd using and loving them everyday! There is an official android app but i really like squeeze commander. Highly Recommended!
  • It's pretty sad there's so much misinformation regarding sonos. I now have four zoneplayers and plan on adding more. I just installed the sonos app today and I'm even more in love. The squeezebox isn't half bad either, but if you can afford the sonos, get the sonos. Seriously I can stream napster, rhapsody, internet radio, pandora, music from my pc/networked hard drive. I can have each room play a different song, have all rooms play the same song(party mode), or mix and match any way I'd like. It ALSO acts as a network bridge. I now don't need a wireless adapter for my Xbox, WD TV hub, etc. I have two zoneplayers that have an amplifier already in them so all I have to do is connect a pair of speakers, and two that have RCA/digital coaxial outputs so I just connect it to my Surround/stereo receiver. I'm sorry but these are features that squeezebox don't offer, and I love logitech, I have two harmony remotes and a Google TV(but I got that for free, gotta love CES) Also the fact that I get a 40% discount on Sonos makes me love it even more.