Snapchat's geofilters take aim at Facebook's checkins

Snapchat is updating its app to include location information in your snaps and video. While the service originally was built around self-destructing image sharing, location information overlays help to personalize and add a bit of character to those shares. If a business or location supports the new feature, rather than checking in on Facebook, you can share your snaps privately with friends with an overlay of the location or business name or logo.

Snapchat says that it has been testing the new location overlays in Los Angeles and New York and the official blog doesn't reveal if the the geofilter feature will become available outside those two urban areas.

According to the company, rest assured that your location information won't be stored. However, to get the location overlays to show up on your snaps, you do need to enable location information on your phone for that purpose.

Coupled with the group sharing "Our Stories" feature, adding location information can help to highlight an event, like a party, movie premier, or wedding.

Is this a feature that you will see yourself using? Will you dump Facebook's and Foursquare's checkins for Snapchat's location overlays?

The update should start hitting the Google Play store soon. At the time of this writing, we haven't seen it pop up for any of our devices yet.

Source: Snapchat