Snapchat Stories can now be viewed outside of the app

Snapchat is an app that I've been trying to avoid for some time, but it looks like that quest will soon be much more difficult. Following rumors that popped up in late December, Snapchat is now letting you share Stories outside of the app so you can view them on a mobile or desktop browser.

At first, this feature will only be available for Seach Stories, Official Stories, and Our Stories that are found in the app's Discover section. This will likely change and open up to more Stories as time goes on, but it's unclear when exactly that'll happen.

When you share a story, you'll get a link that you can share anywhere you'd like. When someone clicks/taps on said link, they'll be taken to where they can watch the story, share it, control its playback, and also download the Snapchat app thanks to a conveniently placed button.

Being redirected to another web page isn't the most glamorous process, but it does open the door considerably in regards to who can see the content you're sharing on Snapchat.

When sharing these links, you'll still have to keep their lifespan in mind. Our Stories and Search Stories that you share will only be viewable for 30 days with the link, and Official Stories will expire after just 24 hours.

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Joe Maring

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