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Skype update brings back 'classic' UI option for tablets

Skype has just been updated to give users the option of selecting a "classic" UI instead of the new and improved tablet interface. The previous update to Skype added many new features and a more tablet-optimized interface overall, including a portrait UI for calling -- the curious part was the rest of the app was still locked in landscape mode. Skype is now backpedaling, sort of, by letting tablet users go back to a phone-style UI in the settings if they prefer. The new option is probably a better choice if you're on a smaller screen like the Nexus 7 that is often used in portrait.

10-inch tablet users are still better off with the new "tablet" UI because the larger devices are quite comical in portrait mode. Until Skype figures out how to do a responsive tablet UI that changes appropriately for landscape and portrait use, it's good to have this option. You can grab the update from the Play Store link at the top of this post.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Skype is garbage. It doesn't work nearly as good as tango and you have to always have it running and be signed in. Plus it uses user names instead of phone numbers. Lame
  • What do you expect from a Microsoft-made application?
  • Microsoft didn't make the Skype app. It existed long before Microsoft bought Skype.
  • Microsoft didn't make Skype... but they will be the ones to ruin Skype. :)
  • Tango is hugely buggy on some devices. It brings my Galaxy Nexus to its knees just launching it and navigating between app tabs. In over a 14 months of ownership, it's the only app that's ever required a battery pull because it completely destroyed Android's responsiveness immediately upon installation. Moreover, Tango's account structure is inherently flawed because the account is tied to the device's phone number and therefore isn't transferable. Case in point: I have... - an Android phone (the Nexus)
    - an iPhone without a SIM card (basically used as an iPod Touch)
    - a Win8 Surface Pro
    - a Win7 desktop machine
    - a Win7 netbook
    - a Mac (urgh) at the office
    - and a Samsung SmartTV. My Skype account works seamlessly between all 7 devices, which is hugely convenient. Skype also allows me to call from any landline and charge the call to my Skype account. Skype also allows me to send not only IMs, but true SMS. Tango works on the Nexus ("works"... barely), and on the Nexus alone. It's literally *impossible* for me to use it on any other device -- even on the iPhone that actually has a Tango client, because the iPhone has no SIM. Furthermore, Tango can't actually call phones, only other Tango app installations. So it's 100% useless for business or when trying to reach someone without a data connection or a smartphone. Associating accounts with phone numbers is a stupid practice with many flaws. The only reason anyone likes the idea is because it dumbs down the user experience by removing the necessity of remembering a login. (And Apple has demonstrated how the general public just LOVES having things dumbed down; cf. the iPhone.) Just because it removes the requirement to think doesn't make it good practice. It's also something of a security flaw, making it possible for anyone with your number to reach you without approval. If you've ever tried Tango desktop application... (which is mostly useless because you can only make video calls [barely], you can't send messages, and you can still only call people who *also* have a smartphone with the mobile app)... you'll see that it autopopulates your contacts with a bunch of names you don't recognize. Who are these people? Oh, those are people who have your number in the phonebook on their phone (probably from when your number belonged to someone else). Tango decided that it was ok to release your name and Tango details to them along with your phone number -- yes, every time they fire up Tango on their phone, they see your number as a contact -- even though you don't actually know them, simply because Tango has absolutely no authentication systems of any kind beyond phone numbers. So yeah, hate on Skype for its flaws if you will. But at least it's a "real" application with cross-platform integration, not some half-baked, half-assed toy for the iPhone generation like Tango.
  • Thanks for replying with a comment longer than the post. No one is reading all that so you wasted your time. I use tango on my gs3 and my Wi-Fi only galaxy tab and it works perfectly. Skype is just battery draining muffled noise.
  • i read it. what are you 12?
  • Cry more.
  • I record phonebook by both name and phone number for a few years. We could find phone mumbet and call to. You might use skype a different way
  • I record phonebook by both name and phone number for a few years. We could find phone mumbet and call to. You might use skype a different way
  • Dammmmmm... Skype, Fring, Viber, Tango, ooVoo, Google Talk, WhatsApp, blah blah... this is getting out of hand. I would hate to send another set of invites to my contacts just so that I can use a new App. How about writing a blog post comparing all of the services?!?!