Skype fixes security holes, throws in 3G calling to make it up to us

Fear not, people of Earth. Your weeklong national Skype nightmare is over. The essential communications app has plugged that security hole we didn't actually sweat too much over -- the one where some of your data, and your contacts data, was stored insecurely. And to show there are no hard feelings, tucked into this morning's update is "Calling over your 3G connection is available worldwide - now including the US."  This opens up 3G calling to everyone, not just Verizon customers like we've seen so far.

Now doesn't that make you feel better? Snag the update in the Android Market, and we've got download links after the break.

Update: And Skype's chimed in, saying on its security blog:

We have had no reported examples of any 3rd party malicious application misusing information from the Skype directory on Android devices and will continue to monitor closely. Please rest assured that we do take your privacy and security very seriously and we sincerely apologise for any concern this issue may have caused.

  • They need to throw in video chat b4 ill dl again.
  • I will still use it, but I agree, they need to release video chat.
  • Does this mean calls to Canadian or European phone numbers with no extra charges? My Canadian friends would love this.
  • I'm pretty sure that's not what they said. None of the plans changed.
  • No video No Skype. What's the point of Skype if not for video? Just another useless app they need to delete from the market. I guess this is good for those who are calling outside the states but I have Google voice for that. I'll just stick to Fring.
  • Well at least you can use as a phone and not use minutes if you have someone on Skype you can talk to. They will be coming out wth video soon so I have read but when is soon?
  • Yeah they've been saying that for over a year now. Fring was great for using Skype access until Skype made them take it down. Jerks.
  • Fring crashes on Xoom and will not start Fring doesn't support PC's and Macs. So the race is will Fring support Xoom and desktop computers for video or will Skype support video for Android. Whoever is first, that is the one I will use.
  • Google Voice still costs money to call outside the us/Canada. You can talk free world wide using skype to skype. Try that on Google Voice.
  • Don't think that I've ever even used Skype. Verizon forces me to have the app on my Droid X, and I can't remove it, so it's there!! Either way, I would never use the video part, so it doesn't matter if they include it or not.
  • This is the best news i've gotten in a long time.
  • Verizon's Skype client is bogus to the max because if you use it to call people on their landline or mobile phones and not their unique skype number, you are charged for minutes, even if you have a skype pro account number you've paid for.
    This is what had made the Android client so nice, even though it's been limited to wifi - you could completely avoid data and voice usage/minutes.
    With this new 3g capability, I'll be suspicious if isn't just like Verizon now over 3g.
  • I'm on Sprint, so I can't vouch for how it runs on Verizon. But I have an unlimited calling plan with Skype, and use it on my tablet with no extra expense. Now with 3G, I officially have mobile calling for about $7 a month. I love it.
  • You're not being clear on how your tablet connects using skype. Is it a wifi+3g tablet? Who's 3g service are you connecting to with it? Do you have an unlimited data plan with that service provider? What do you pay for that? How are you figuring that you "officially have mobile calling for about $7 a month"? Please share the details. Thanks -
  • I get a "package file was not signed correctly" error when trying to install.
  • If u have it already installed try uninstalling first had the same problem
  • Thanks! That worked.
  • My wife was wondering does it have video chat and it doesn't. This app is a piece of crap. Until they get that feature then maybe.
  • So who is your wife's new boyfriend that she needs to video chat with? ;-)
  • Just need voice chat to work on the moto atrix and this becomes an usable app!
  • So I am not the only one with an Motarola Atrix...When you try to use Skype on it, it sound's like you are trying to toun in a a bad radeo stashon....So I am not abe to use it....
  • Hasn't Skype made it's name on being a VIDEO CONFERENCE SERVICE? Until this application can support phones with front-cameras, it will not be installed on any phone I own, as it's useless to me otherwise.
  • In a word: NO. Skype made it's name on free voice calls world wide skype to skype, and dirt cheap skype to phone world wide. Video conference is still a tiny part of their userbase.
  • I agry with you
  • Lots of people whining about no video calls. That's simply not a priority for me. International free skype to skype calls are. Not many people have figured out SIP yet, so being available for friends or customers without having them pay international long distance is a huge plus. Regarding SIP:
    If you have friends in far away places, and don't want to deal with Skype, Sip Calls with CSipSimple (in the market) and a free sip account from any number of providers ( is my fav) makes world wide calls on wifi or 3G totally free, as long as you have a sip account on both ends (no harder than skype). Sound quality is astounding, connection immediate, and memory footprint much much less than skype. (Nexus One users have SIP built in, but limited to wifi. Google Contacts now has an "internet call" field to store sip numbers.) CSipSimple will probably gain video before Skype.
  • wow, nice. I'll definitely give that a try.
  • How did you get the battery percent on your nexus one