SimpliSafe is a popular at-home security system that's easy to install yourself and comes with tons of different bundle options, features like 24/7 security monitoring and HD live streaming, and sensors for just about everything. Now the system is adding integration with Google Assistant for voice control.

SimpliSafe added Amazon's Alexa integration earlier this year, but for those of you living in Google's smart home ecosystem, this new addition is essential. You will have to be subscribed to the monthly $14.99 professional monitoring plan, which you should be anyway because it means eyes on your home day and night and lets you monitor the system remotely from your smartphone in addition to other features.

With Google Assistant, you'll be able to use voice commands to arm the system and check to make sure it is when you think you forgot. You'll also be able to integrate with other items like Nest thermostats or August smart locks and automatically adjust them. It will even use Google's continued conversations feature, which means you don't have to continuously add the phrase "Ok Google" when going through multiple commands at once. It won't, however, disarm the system. That's a feature that might come later.

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