Should you buy the DJI Osmo Pocket?

Best answer: Yes. While most phones these days are more than capable of producing great-looking video, the Osmo Pocket is well worth the money for vloggers that want the smoothest footage in a compact form factor.

Amazon: DJI Osmo Pocket ($349)

What does the Osmo Pocket do?

DJI is one of the most recognizable brands in consumer-grade video stabilization equipment, making everything from 4K drones to handheld gimbals for your phone or even a professional camera. The Osmo Pocket is a standalone camera with a built-in gimbal in a compact form factor that, as its name suggests, fits in your pocket.

Phones take great video these days, but the Osmo benefits from ultra-smooth stabilization.

While your phone fits in a pocket just as easily (and many phones these days are capable of shooting 4K in 60fps just like the Osmo Pocket), the Osmo benefits from ultra-smooth video thanks to its gimbal — essentially a motorized system that fights against shaky hand movements to create that stable, almost floating camera look.

The Osmo Pocket works with both Android and iOS phones, including both USB-C and Lightning adapters in the box (DJI isn't officially supporting Micro-USB, but there are workarounds). Though you can film using just the Osmo Pocket and its small built-in touchscreen, you gain a number of pro-level features when a phone is attached. In addition to having a much larger screen to monitor your video, you can control settings like white balance, access your histogram, enable zebra stripes, and more.

Simple stability

With the built-in USB-C port on the bottom of the Osmo Pocket, you can also plug your phone in to easily import footage, or plug in a battery pack to charge the Osmo. It's good for about 90 minutes of filming in 4K60p, but you can film while charging if needed.

Do I need one?

The Osmo Pocket is a great tool for all sorts of mobile videographers, particularly those who don't always need the level of quality that comes with a much larger, heavier DSLR camera to tell their story. At $349, it's competitively priced against other compact cameras like the GoPro HERO7, and though it works best in tandem with a phone, it's surprisingly capable on its own.

The Osmo Pocket is a great tool for mobile videographers who need a non-shaky image.

Your phone could be the best argument against buying an Osmo Pocket, though. The cameras in most phones these days are outstanding and perfectly capable of taking great-looking video. It might not always beat out the Osmo Pocket in terms of image quality or stabilization, but your phone is always with you, and can often be more versatile — especially given how many phones feature multiple cameras with different focal lengths.

Still, if you hate shaky video or just don't like how quickly filming can drain your phone's battery, the Osmo Pocket is a seriously compelling device. It's practically made for vloggers, with a number of handy features like face tracking and the ability to switch the camera to front-facing mode. If that sounds like your cup of tea, the Osmo Pocket is worth picking up.

Hayato Huseman

Hayato was a product reviewer and video editor for Android Central.