We've long maintained that the person holding the camera is as important — if not more so — than the camera in question. Give a good photographer a decent point-and-shoot and they'll come away with something better than an amateur with a $1,500 DSLR. That's not to say that the camera doesn't matter, though. And Apple's recent "Shot on iPhone 6" commercials are as brilliant as you'd expect.

But why let our iOS friends have all the fun, we say! The current crop of high-end Android phones is more than capable of competing — especially if all you're doing is posting in the social media space.

So we've started tagging our pictures with the same sort of scheme. I've been using the LG G4, so pics are getting tagged with #shotonlgg4.

And I'm hardly alone here. We're seeing loads more #shotonlgg4 photo tags on services like Instagram and Twitter.

Same goes, of course, for the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is arguably the best Android camera you can get right now. Andrew Martonik continues to put this one through its paces, and he's tagging with #shotonGS6.

Update: And Reddit's gotten into the game as well, with /r/shotonandroid! Thanks, folks!

(Interesting is that the shorter #shotongs6 doesn't do as well on Instagram as the longer #shotongalaxys6, though neither is as high as the LG G4. Go figure.)

The point is this: No matter where you post your pics — Google+, Facebook, Flickr, wherever — don't be afraid to tag them as being shot with whatever device you're using. We're definitely not just talking GS6 or G4 here. How about the LGG3? Or the Galaxy S5? Or just the more generic #shotonandroid. There's a lot of great stuff out there, and by no means does the iPhone have the monopoly on good mobile photography anymore.