Madfinger Games, developers of the popular Android third-person shooter Shadowgun: DeadZone, have announced a new "Game Masters Kit" version of the game that allows enterprising gamers to create their own mods. Once loaded up into the Unity developing platform, users can modify the game to their heart's content and release their creations to the world.

The Game Master's Kit version of Shadowgun: DeadZone is basically a full snapshot of the game's Unity 5.1 project, and includes the following:

  • fully functional online multiplayer game
  • client side & server side
  • 2 game modes included: deathmatch and zone control (domination)
  • 2 maps: core (deathmatch), vortex (zone control) all the characters from the original game (reduced texture quality)
  • all the weapons and items from the original game (reduced texture quality)
  • server list – game server enumeration on LAN
  • possibility to connect a game server defined by ip:port (command line)

There are, however, some things missing in this version that are in the official release. Matchmaking, anti-cheat protection, and commercials are out. In-app purchases are also disabled to keep this a purely "for fun" affair.

The game has been around since 2011 and has enjoyed some success. Given its age, now seems like as good a time as any for Madfinger to allow modding, which isn't nearly as common in the mobile sphere as it is with desktop games. If you know your way around Unity and want to make your own spin on Shadowgun: DeadZone, you can check out the source link to get started.

Source: Unity Blog; Via: Droid Gamers