The secret door for Demon's Souls on PS5 has been unlocked

Demons Souls Ps5 Penetrator Fight
Demons Souls Ps5 Penetrator Fight (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • There's a secret door in the Demon's Souls PS5 remake.
  • Thanks to Twitch streamer Distortion2, a solution has been found.
  • it's a complicated process with a neat reward.

Since the release of Demon's Souls for the PS5, there's been much excitement and discussion of how to unlock a secret door in the Boletarian Palace level, just beyond the Inner Ward Archstone along the path you take to rescue Yuria. Now, at long last, a solution has been found thanks to @Distortion_2 on Twitter. Obviously, don't read further if you don't want to know what the solution is or what lies beyond the door.

Seriously, don't.

Still here? Okay, so, in Demon's Souls on PS5, you can unlock something called Fractured Mode, a sort of mirror-world which flips the game from left to right. In Fractured Mode, special items called Ceramic Coins drop. By getting 26 of these Ceramic Coins and trading them to Snuggly the Crow in the Shrine of Storms, you'll get a Rusty Key. This key can then be used to open the mysterious door.

Behind the door you'll find a set of Penetrator's Armor, named so for the infamous boss. Now you can enjoy a cool set of armor themed after an iconic boss. Thanks again to @Distortion2 for figuring this out.

In our review of Demon's Souls, we stated that it's a standout PS5 launch game that restores a classic with incredible attention to detail.

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