Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 gets a new update with battery life improvements

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Samsung is rolling out a new software update for the Galaxy Watch 3.
  • The update improves some of the key health tracking features of the smartwatch and also claims to further extend battery life.
  • Currently, the update is rolling out only to the global variants of the Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3, which made its debut alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series last month, is receiving a new software update that promises to improve battery life and brings enhancements to various health tracking features.

As per TizenHelp, the update is currently rolling out only in Vietnam and weighs in at 54.9MB in size. In the coming days, however, the update is likely to expand to several other countries. It improves the stability of five key features of the smartwatch: VO2max/SPO2 measurements, sleep monitoring, heart-rate tracking, and stress measurement. In addition to the enhancements and longer battery life, the update also fixes the issues with the sleep monitoring feature reported by Galaxy Watch 3 users in South Korea and a few other markets.

As our very own Hayato Huseman noted in his review, the Galaxy Watch 3 isn't the most impressive smartwatch out there when it comes to battery life. So we're glad that Samsung is pushing out an update to improve the battery usage time. As an overall package, however, the Galaxy Watch 3 is one of the the best Android smartwatches on the market right now.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, you can check for the new update manually by opening the Galaxy Wearable (opens in new tab) app on your phone and tapping on Watch software update > Download and install in the Home tab.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3 offers a ton of health-focused features, good battery life, and a great software experience. You also get a rotating bezel for easy app navigation and a choice of two sizes.

Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • Yes I switched over to optimizing the battery in the settings on the watch so to prolong the battery life to try to get between a day and a half and two days out of it.
  • Do you use AOD? I always have AOD enabled and usually run for about an hour each day and by the end of the day, I have around 25 to 30% battery left. I just charge it when I sleep every night because I don't care about sleep monitoring and I like taking the watch off when I sleep.
  • Awesome!! My Galaxy Watch 3 (45 mm - Black) just arrived today. Look forward to the update.
  • Not flying any time soon... Lol, used about 6000 airmiles to get a black Galaxy Watch 3.... It should arrive soon.
  • Does this watch has mst for payments aside from nfc? That's the only thing keeping me from upgrading my s3 frontier
  • No it does not. Only has NFC. I find that most places have NFC now so the MST isn't really as attractive a feature. I also find paying with the watch a bit tedious. Having to type the pin on the watch is inconvenient. Necessary but inconvenient.
  • I just got the update today on my US variant. Not an LTE version