Samsung Spare Battery Charging System review

Your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) might get you though a full day of use on one charge – but it might not.

When most people get a smartphone with the capabilities and beautiful screen of the Galaxy S3, they tend to use it…a lot.  Even though the Galaxy S3 comes with a rather large 2100mAh battery, the size of the screen and the use of LTE can still drain the device before the day is done.

Samsung Spare Battery charging System w/standard 2100mAh NFC battery

One of the key pieces of integrated technology on the Galaxy S3 is that the NFC chip is actually part of the battery system.  NFC (Near Filed Communication) is another receiver inside your phone that lets you share information and even pay for things (like a credit card.)  NFC doesn’t need lots of power but it does need space for the antenna. Space is at a premium in mobile phones, so the battery is a great spot for the NFC.

That means, however, that if you don’t use the stock battery or a dedicated replacement, you lose the NFC capabilities.

What’s in the box

Included in the Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is the charger (which also served as a desk stand for the Galaxy S3), the power adapter, a spare 2100mAh battery and instruction booklet.

what's included

Using the charger

The charging system is pretty basic. Simply put the spare battery inside the charging system and plug in the micro USB charger.  The LED is initially red while the battery charges and will change to orange and then green when fully charged.

While the battery charges, your Galaxy S3 can sit in the stand. The product info specified that the stand is for using the phone in portrait mode, but I found that the phone was also steady in landscape mode in the stand. It was actually great for watching a movie on the Galaxy S3.

using the stand

Portability and convenience

The Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is extremely portable. Because it uses a micro USB charge, you can use the charger that comes with the Galaxy S3 so if you travel, you only need to pack one charger. The charger is essentially a 3-inch square that is about ½ an inch deep. It easily packs into a brief case or purse.

The wrap up

This product is a great value. It includes the NFC capable battery, charger and micro USB wall power source.  The Galaxy S3 is one of the few newer Android phones that actually has a user removable battery. Keeping an extra charged battery is a great convenience – especially to power users.

The good

  • Small and portable charging system
  • A very good value
  • Added desk stand for the Galaxy S3 is a nice touch

The bad

  • Perhaps a bit pricey

The verdict

While not cheap, this Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is a great value and offers great convenience. Being able to carry around a spare, fully charged battery and not lose NFC capabilities is really a terrific thing. 

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Gary Mazo