Samsung Spare Battery Charging System review

Your Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) might get you though a full day of use on one charge – but it might not.

When most people get a smartphone with the capabilities and beautiful screen of the Galaxy S3, they tend to use it…a lot.  Even though the Galaxy S3 comes with a rather large 2100mAh battery, the size of the screen and the use of LTE can still drain the device before the day is done.

Samsung Spare Battery charging System w/standard 2100mAh NFC battery

One of the key pieces of integrated technology on the Galaxy S3 is that the NFC chip is actually part of the battery system.  NFC (Near Filed Communication) is another receiver inside your phone that lets you share information and even pay for things (like a credit card.)  NFC doesn’t need lots of power but it does need space for the antenna. Space is at a premium in mobile phones, so the battery is a great spot for the NFC.

That means, however, that if you don’t use the stock battery or a dedicated replacement, you lose the NFC capabilities.

What’s in the box

Included in the Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is the charger (which also served as a desk stand for the Galaxy S3), the power adapter, a spare 2100mAh battery and instruction booklet.

what's included

Using the charger

The charging system is pretty basic. Simply put the spare battery inside the charging system and plug in the micro USB charger.  The LED is initially red while the battery charges and will change to orange and then green when fully charged.

While the battery charges, your Galaxy S3 can sit in the stand. The product info specified that the stand is for using the phone in portrait mode, but I found that the phone was also steady in landscape mode in the stand. It was actually great for watching a movie on the Galaxy S3.

using the stand

Portability and convenience

The Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is extremely portable. Because it uses a micro USB charge, you can use the charger that comes with the Galaxy S3 so if you travel, you only need to pack one charger. The charger is essentially a 3-inch square that is about ½ an inch deep. It easily packs into a brief case or purse.

The wrap up

This product is a great value. It includes the NFC capable battery, charger and micro USB wall power source.  The Galaxy S3 is one of the few newer Android phones that actually has a user removable battery. Keeping an extra charged battery is a great convenience – especially to power users.

The good

  • Small and portable charging system
  • A very good value
  • Added desk stand for the Galaxy S3 is a nice touch

The bad

  • Perhaps a bit pricey

The verdict

While not cheap, this Samsung Spare Battery Charging System is a great value and offers great convenience. Being able to carry around a spare, fully charged battery and not lose NFC capabilities is really a terrific thing. 

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Other charging/battery solutions

Gary Mazo
  • and ..... yer nexus 7 sit in it nice too
  • WHA? WHAT? Wait, you mean, at THIS Late Date these things don't have wireless inductive charging?
  • Yes. However, the charger isn't released yet. However again, there is always the Palm Touchstone: Can actually be done without even soldering.
  • I ordered mine from you guys and mine did not come with a power adapter. Just the stand/charger unit itself for the phone/spare battery. I have to use the adapter that came with my phone. Portable Battery Charger with Desktop Dock function FEATURES:
    * Vertical & Horizontal View Stand
    * Easy to carry with Fold-in and Fold-out function
    * Battery Included
    * Original Samsung OEM Battery Charger Special Note: Does not include power supply. Use your existing Samsung Galaxy S3 travel or wall charger.
  • You got robbed from AC then.
    I ordered mine on Amazon directly from Samsung oem It was $37, free shipping and it comes with its own charging cable.
    Not sure what AC is up to. Shady
  • Anderson Cooper stole your AC adaptor? But seriously, this thing should be like a small toaster, pop in 2 batteries and then your good to go.
    Charging one 2100mAh battery will only yield you another 4 to 5 hours.
    Needs to accomodate a 3800mAh battery as well, which bet it does, but you probably cant close that little door on top. Samsung needs to stop charing so much for accessories that seriously should have come with the device in the first place.
  • Hey, K. Checking on this for you, but note that you're shopping from the Canadian store, which clearly lists that the charger is not included (which is different from the U.S. store.) You should get an e-mail from the store side shortly.
  • I was all set to buy one of these when I first got the phone because of how often I swapped out batteries on my OG Epic but quickly found that the battery life is amazingly better on the S3. Busy days that would take a battery and a half on the Epic only use 80% of the battery on my S3. SO rather than buy a Samsung spare battery charger and the dock for my nightstand I was originally planning on buying I'm opting for the Mugen Power dock plus spare battery charger that should be out before too much longer. I'm also hoping it will work with my Seidio Surface case since it has a removable insert but I guess I won't know for sure until I get it, all I know is the Samsung desk dock would not work with it. I still carry a spare battery around just in case but since I very rarely need to swap it out I can get by charging it in the phone for now. Samsung actually could have gotten a lot of money from me though had they actually had accessories available for purchase when I bought the phone, it was not until I hunted around in stores for a couple weeks that I decided to look for alternatives.
  • Mine didn't either. Plus you missed the biggest flaw in this device the phone doesn't charge when its on the dock. I ended up buying micro USB splitter cable so I could charge my phone and spare battery at the same time.
  • Thanks, you just answered my question about this - Does the phone charge while in the dock? If not, I don't need this expensive accessory.
  • I have one of these and I love it. The other cheaper chargers you buy won't take the S3 batteries to 100%. It comes with a 30 dollar battery so really the charger is only 15 bucks, on top of that it comes with a micro usb charger that it uses to charge the battery so that is an extra charger for the phone if it is needed.
  • So people don't get robbed by android Central... Here you go
  • Does this work with the Galaxy Nexus?
  • @cowboys2000, I'm pretty sure the batteries are different. However, there is a similar product available (I got mine off of eBay). Mine included the desktop charger USB cable, and a 2000mAh battery. On the Galaxy Nexus you'll need to purchase a separate battery door as the stock one will NOT fit with the extended battery. I purchased a door and a 2nd extended battery separately. Now I can run hard for a few days before needing to plug in. Please keep in mind this comment is specific to the Galaxy Nexus
  • I bought the extended battery back when Verizon had them 50% off with the door of course. I haven't used the standard battery since, so I am looking for a means to charge it so I can have a spare ready to go.
  • Ordered mine from ac and love it
    And it did also come with charging cable
  • Some people think that this also charges the phone as well as the battery, which is not the case. It only charges the battery. Also does anyone know if the phone sits well in the stand if I have a thin TPU case or do I have to remove the case to put it in the stand? Much appreciated.
  • The galaxy nexus battery charging system came with the y-cable adapter so you could charge both the spare and the phone at the same time. You can buy the OEM samsung y-cable off amazon for 4.50 with free shipping. It will work with this model too.
  • Thank you so much.
  • I have a thin Gel case and the phone still fits in the cradle with it on, it is more snug a fit though.
  • Perfect. Just ordered one along with a Y-Cable to charge battery and phone.
  • I bought one and couldn't be happier. I was at a wedding recently and did a lot of video recording and playback. As the night wore on and the battery wore down I simply took the charged battery out of my pocket and put it in the phone. Those who claim a non removable battery is a good thing are delusional. BTW I try to support AC when I can but paying considerably more for the charger here than on Amazon just didn't make sense.
  • My non-removable Razr Maxx battery is great for me because it typically lasts me all of my 16 hour day (unless I use wifi hotspot). I prefer not having to carry an extra battery in my pocket. Isn't it nice we get options on Android? ;-)
  • I refuse to buy a phone without a removable battery. The battery in my Droid X went bad after a year and a half and I bought one on Amazon for $3 plus shipping. The fact that lithium ion batteries are made to only last so many charge cycles is what makes non-removable batteries a bad idea. But you're right, it is your choice to be greatly inconvenienced if and when your battery goes bad. Just hope you get a new phone first.
  • My wife had an LG Spectrum before we both got the S3. The LG spectrum dock works with the SGS3 (Without the case), but we haven't tried the battery slot behind it yet. I was looking at getting this because I only really need the battery charger since I travel all the time. But, this is just expensive for a battery charger only. Wish it had the charging port for the phone as well.
  • Well done Samsung thats somthing else better than HTC one series. They have built in battary so cant be changed :) HTC one series is no where as good as s2 & s3's keep up the good work samsung you have so many HTC Desire HD let down customers buying your s3 :)
  • Is Samsung paying you? You have your likes and choose a phone suited for you. I have mine and choose one suited for me. Removable, non-removable, that's the beauty of Android. You choose what you want.
  • Of course not Super Turtleman. Your correct each of of has a chiose of what phone we buy. Its good to point out the good things about phones & manufactors this site is set up for comments as you are free to say what you feel. I see you are commenting on my post not the product that in my opinion is sad. Have you owned a HTC product for 18 months & seen the lack or none adriod upgrades. I simply point out my experiance to share with others to make there own chioce. But i wont sit quite like HTC while they cash in at our expence. I think Samsung is doing a great job also the Nexus i also like the apple iphone iso. But reading the forums about people who have bought HTC is intresting how HTC have deserted them on the Adriod upgrades. Im 1 of them. I wouldnt buy anything HTC. & again its good Samsung think of there customers & what they want this is a good extra for there phone. :)
  • Where and when can i get one. Need this item now. Pls let me know anyone if you know where they have these batteries in stock with the charger.