Samsung ships 20 million Galaxy S4s

Two months on, Samsung's shifted 20 million devices worldwide

Samsung has shifted 20 million Galaxy S4 smartphones in the just over two months since the device first went on sale, company co-CEO JK Shin has told the Korean press. To put that in perspective, the first month of availability for the S4 yielded 10 million shipments, while last year's Galaxy S3 took 100 days to reach the 20 million milestone.

Of course, shipping a phone isn't the same as selling it to an end-user. However shipped devices have to go somewhere, and the number shows that Samsung's partners at the very least are keen to snap up the device.

Samsung also reported Galaxy S4 sales of 500,000 in its domestic market of South Korea.

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  • fake news paid article to increase sales because its not selling well Samsung marketing 101 only idiots will believe this article nice source to Inews24 and SamMobile hahahahahahaahh
  • pleas go play with your ajiphoney...
  • I take it that comment was made tongue in cheek? Here's hoping the One's selling in decent numbers and the X phone does well. Multiple strong Android options raises the bar all round. Posted via Android Central App
  • Omg, the same comment was on pocket now on the same article. He's clearly getting paid to type this. Posted via Android Central App
  • @Maria, Is it even possible that you could look more like an idiot than with that comment? By the way, you should learn how to punctuate if you would like to be taken seriously. :-)
  • Go play with you Nokia Posted via Android Central App
  • While this figure is less than what some may have expected, there's good reason for it, the phone just plain isn't as good as it should have been. Also, we are entering the new phase that hit the automotive market in the 90s, where most people stopped going to caryards to be sold a car, but to buy the one they already want. (and let's not forget knowing beforehand by reviews and word of mouth, if the car is a lemon; and online yard listings to know x car is actually there). So more people are delving into the technical side of phones than before, choosing one phone over another because they know one is better for them, rather than the shop owner telling them which phone they should get and being wrong/shifting unwanted stock. This will continue and escalate as with the automotive market.
  • This means around 1/20 of the smartphones on the Earth are S4's right now. Not sure how many are in the hands of people, but that's still pretty awesome.
  • Shifted? Posted via Android Central App on my S4
  • Alex was using an odd British variant of a language scientists believe was invented in America called "English".... just like in those Harry Potter movies.
  • Hmmm well lets examine this argument of sale are slumping. I bought a galaxy S3....GUESS WHAT Im in a 2 year contract until GS5 comes out, why would you expect sales to be high on these.
  • The shipped numbers are higher than what the S3 moved in the same time frame. I'd say Samsung has a certified hit on its hands. At least they're releasing numbers. Cough, cough, HTC....
  • Destroy the Fruit!!
  • I don't who/why someone chose to put the phone on a fencepost for this pic. Are they about to hit it with a sledgehammer?
  • It sounds like alot of people are just jealous of Sammy's success? What up w/ that. It's a good product, I didn't say perfect/great or anything. Just good. If anybody has improved on the Android exp, it's Sammy. With Kudos going to HTC and Sony. Everybody else is just playing catch up.
  • Lovin my gs4! Posted via Android Central App
  • What people seem to forget is that for units to be shipped there needs to be demand, so obviously if Samsung has shipped 20 million of the S4 its safe to assume they've sold a good number of them since they wouldn't be shipping to stores that haven't sold the units they got beforehand. Posted via Android Central App
  • yeah they are getting a couple of good 2 year cycles going. Those with the SGS3 will be more than likely getting the SGS5 and the people with the 4 will be getting the 6. I said yesterday and I am thinking about it more and more, I hope that someone will come out with some serious competition. I like the One, but HTC is a bit sketchy with updates. Sony, LG and the rest have nice phones but there is no real wow factor. I am not saying the competition is over by any means, but between the SGS4 and the Note series, the bar is pretty high. I think that it is overhyped at this point but I am holding out some hope for the Moto X.
  • The GS4 is the best phone I've owned so far. Great job, Samsung.
  • Please, who really cares? Just get the phone you want- after you do your research... make up your own mind! Test it try it.... choose! And be honest with your experience and, of course, share what works for you and what does not. I'm not Fruit-Phone person myself...and I'm not going to get another HTC device (their updates are either late or never- for the HTC rezound I have- a year late with ICS... and it will never get JB). The next phones for us? Wife gets a GS4... me gets a GNoteII (not holding out for the GNote III). Yeap, the HTC One looks like a very nice phone, but it's time for the Geek to give Samsung a try. ~ScottGeek
  • GN2 owner here and I'm very happy with my phone. The GS4 isn't much different from the GS3 and whatever is on the Note 3 I'm sure my Note 2 can hold me over til the Note 4. It's a great phone!
  • Great achievement by Samsung, even if we do not know many are sitting in warehouses and stockrooms around the world. I was always cynical about the huge forecasts (85m?) that were coming from various "analysts", it seemed they assumed that all the S3 & iphone owners would buy them. Obviously with so many people on contracts, there is only a small subset of enthusiasts that would take a huge hit and upgrade their phones every year. It is good to know that they haven't had things their own way and that HTC have may be taken some sales away from them. HTC have brought out a good product so it deserves sales as well. Samsung need to know that they cannot just launch a phone and expect people to buy even if they haven't quite pushed themselves. Hopefully with all the criticism they have had, the Note 3 & S5 will fix the issues (storage space & exterior design)
  • We are off contract with Sprint and hoping to make the move to T-Mobile with the S4 32GB. It seems T-Mob isn't going to have the 32GB for the near future, so now, I might as well wait until the Note III comes out and have a choice between the two. HOWEVER, if Samsung continues their games with the Note III, i.e. 16GB first, then 32GB later, I think we'll move on to another brand. By September, there will be several other likable SmartPhones to choose from. I don't really like a company telling me what I want. I'll make my own choices.
  • after loading the omega rom im about as happy as i was with my note 2.
  • it's kind of ironic as this phone only sold 500,000 in Sammy home ground, that says a lot even their own ppl don't like that phone :D Posted via Android Central App