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If you watched Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy S III (Galaxy S3) at Earl's Court, London back in May, you'll know that the manufacturer made quite a bit of fuss about its new nature-inspired design language. And today, Samsung has created a short video presentation showing how its design team went about incorporating this "inspired by nature" theme into its latest flagship smartphone. In bringing its latest flagship to life, Sammy says it drew inspiration from  the gentle, curved lines found in the natural world.

In the five-minute video, Samsung designers and execs explain -- in broad terms, and with a fair amount of flowery language --how the S3 differs from other Samsung smartphones. One designer remarks that the overall shape of the phone was inspired by pebbles on the beach, while the company's VP of mobile design says it wanted a more emotional connection between phone and user.

Elsewhere in the video, we get down to the technical details involved in creating a curved design without subtle imperfections, as well as the challenges involved in bringing the S3's software to life.

We know not everyone around these parts is a huge fan of the Galaxy S3's physical design, or some of the design decisions it's made in the TouchWiz Nature UX, but whatever your opinion of the phone, this video is worth a look. It's a chance to take a peek behind the scenes, and understand how the S3 came to become the phone we're now familiar with.

You'll find Samsung's full Galaxy S3 design story video embedded after the break.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (Korean)