Samsung Galaxy S5 KNOX 2.0

Samsung has announced that its KNOX 2.0 security suite is finally available globally for the flagship Galaxy S5 smartphone. The company also announced that through future software updates, KNOX 2.0 will be brought over to other Galaxy devices as well, which will be good news for IT administrators and enterprise users who want to bring their own devices to work.

We had briefly covered KNOX 2.0 in the past, and the major thing about the update is that for devices like the Galaxy S5, the security suite will utilize biometric authentication, requiring the use of the device's fingerprint scanner and a passcode.

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As outlined by Samsung, KNOX 2.0 will include several key components such as the KNOX Workspace, EMM, Marketplace, and Customization.

KNOX was introduced by Samsung initially as a way to marry work and life balance on the same device and compete more effectively in the enterprise space that's dominated by BlackBerry and its Balance software.

Source: Samsung

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