Samsung Galaxy Note 7

With the Note 7 recall fully underway, Samsung has restarted sales of its latest flagship in its home market. Samsung launched several experience zones across South Korea to showcase the handset, and the company has introduced a green battery indicator to differentiate the safe Note 7 from the defective model.

Sales of the Note 7 kicked off over the weekend, and according to Korea Herald, Samsung sold over 30,000 units of the device. The numbers also account pre-orders that started on September 28.

Samsung mentioned on its official blog that the Note 7 will be available for purchase in other markets in the "coming weeks." Verizon and Sprint have already started selling the phone in the U.S., and Samsung is expected to kick off European sales starting October 28. In India, the phone is going up for sale on October 7.

Initial reports suggested the South Korean company could lose $1 billion over the recall, but Korea Herald notes that Samsung is set to post an operating profit of $6.79 billion (7.5 trillion won) in Q3, a modest 6% decrease from Q2 2015. Overall sales for the company are estimated to be $45 billion (51 trillion won), which is more than what Samsung managed last quarter.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7


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