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Samsung reportedly falls short of Galaxy S5 sales estimates

Looks like there was some justification behind Samsung's decision to streamline its smartphone portfolio in 2015, as the Wall Street Journal reports that the Galaxy S5 failed to sell nearly as well as its predecessor, the Galaxy S4. According to the WSJ, Samsung sold 12 million units of the Galaxy S5 in the first three months, four million units less than what the Galaxy S4 achieved last year.

The publication states that while the Galaxy S5 had a strong showing in the US market, the device failed to garner enough attention in China, where sales were down by over 50 percent. Further cause for concern is the fact that Samsung estimated sales to be 20 percent more than what the Galaxy S4 managed, which led to an increased production. It is believed that the vendor had to increase advertising to clear inventory of unsold devices that were piling up in its warehouses.

The vendor is also said to be mulling a senior management restructuring that may see J.K. Shin hand over the reins of the mobile division to co-CEO B.K. Yoon, who handles Samsung's home appliance and television business.

Source: Wall Street Journal

Harish Jonnalagadda
Harish Jonnalagadda

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor covering Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone manufacturers, and writes about the semiconductor industry, storage servers, and audio products. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • Many saw this coming. Not a bad phone. Just highly priced at that time and the competition was heavy this year. Posted via...The One
  • I don't think the price had anything to do with it. Increased competition, build of the phone, Knox and touchwiz are the reasons. But mainly it is competition. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Majority of phone owners don't even know what TouchWhiz especially what a UI is Posted via the Android Central App
  • They don't know TouchWiz by name but they know lag and sluggishness when they experience it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Bought this phone at release. Using touch wiz and still no lag. Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S5, please excuse the brevity.
  • Same Posted via the Android Central App
  • I guarantee you have lag unless you've ROM'd your phone. It's just not lag to you but it's there. I have an S5 Active and I have a Note 4. There is lag in both (when stock) and there is lag on every single TouchWiz phone. It just is what it is. No apologist here even though I have them. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You probably have never had anything but sad.
  • Cause you know, everyone buying a phone knows what touchwiz is... /s Posted via the Android Central App
  • I work in sales for one of the big four, I have never had a single customer mention Knox or TouchWiz. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't believe you! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Nah bro. Ladies like the wiz. Dats why you gotta go Samsung.
  • The widgets! It's got all kinds of weather! You don't even know! Ladies love the whiz Posted via the Android Central App
  • So let me get this straight big papa joe. You gotta have your wiz because of........widgets, all kinds of weather, the ladies love it Lmao !!
  • It was mainly market saturation. If you have bought a phone since the S3/Nexus 4/HTC One days, your phone is still running along fine and is not at all incapable of running the apps that are available. The rich western market already has their phones and don't see a compelling reason to upgrade. Just like PCs now, people will only be upgrading their phones when they break or get 4-5 years old. There's just no need for the AVERAGE person to want a new phone at all.
  • I agree completely, I have an S3 and saw no reason to upgrade. My phone runs fine and no phone on the market had a feature or a cool new gimmick that justify me spend 600$ + Posted via Android Central App
  • I could not have said it better. My next upgrade will be a free phone. My S3 runs great. There is no compelling reason for me to upgrade. Posted via Android Central App
  • Knox and touchwiz are the reasons. But mainly it is competition. Nerds confusing what they want or don't want from a phone with what the general public wants, never gets old.
  • Most Americans have "a phone" and it works, and therefore it doesn't even come in to their minds to consider a new phone. It is that simple. They all went out and bought 1 phone, and it works fine and they're not getting a second until that one breaks. "TouchWiz" and "Knox" are two things the vast majority of average people aren't aware of and don't care about. ONLY tech nerds care about that kind of stuff.
  • Article says it sold "strong" in the US, its China that's hurting these projections, that market is saturated with home-team likely cheaper phones with similar specs. It appears the US market is pretty settled down for now, it's China that's volitile.
  • Knox and Touchwiz were most likely not the reason.
  • Yep better phones out there, Samsung didn't try hard. Just wanted to milk the galaxy name brand popularity. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think for the average user, there just isn't much incentive to upgrade. This is especially true when you consider the true cost of these high end devices. I consider myself a power user, but only upgraded from my S3 to an S5 because I dropped the S3. Hard to justify $500+ every year to have the latest and greatest when the latest and greatest isn't really much better than last year's model.
  • It's not about the incentive to upgrade, it's about the competition in China costing half as much. Very few people upgrade every year.
  • The fact that we see millions of 2-3 year old devices on the streets and zero Chinese handsets is just one reason I disagree with you. Samsung still sold more phones than it's competition, just cheaper phones in less profitable markets. Because the west has their phone. What point would there be in a soccer mom who only ever uses her Galaxy S3 to make phone calls upgrading her phone? None because her S3 makes phone calls fine. Most of the west is like that soccer mom, not like the tech enthusiasts reading tech blogs.
  • Again. Read the story? Let me clarify it to trolls who jsut jump straight to comments without reading what they're supposedly commenting. Sales in the west are apparently growing. Sales in China has plummeted thanks to the aggressive pricing Chinese brands are using in their home country at the moment.
  • Speaking of trolls, looked in the mirror lately Sparky?
  • Really? lmfao you replied to
    "I consider myself a power user, but only upgraded from my S3 to an S5 because I dropped the S3. Hard to justify $500+ every year to have the latest and greatest when the latest and greatest isn't really much better than last year's model." with some crap about Chinese phones then told me I'm a troll who didn't read the article. Good one lol. Maybe, just this one time, you could try having the conversation everyone else is having instead of trying to take it over.
  • I'm referring to your made up stuff about no one's buying them in the west because there are millions of old devices only. Despite the facts shown in a few words above says something completely different. You know, discussing things, taking personal assumptions which you then try to apply as actual facts, is the part that annoys me. The usual way of straw man-like trolling.
  • What annoys me is trying to have a conversation about one thing, and someone - usually you - coming along screaming about nothing, taking things too literal, taking things out of context, talking about completely unrelated things in a holier than thou tone. His argument that people won't be upgrading as much is 100% true. My argument about market saturation in the west IS happening, whether you like it or not. Is it the ONLY factor? No. Nor did I say it was.
  • And what annoys me is people like you, people who can't take simple facts in despite it being served to them three or for times in a row. SMARTPHONE SALES ARE UP IN THE US.
    THESE ARE FACTS. Get it through your thick skull yourself that the reason Samsung sales are down overall is because extremely low priced alternatives are sold in China, one of their biggest markets. People are upgrading at the same rate today as they were 2 years ago, or 20 years ago. We do this because upgrades are "subsidised" by built in payment plans.
  • Are you such an angry person in real life? That guy wasn't talking about that, and I was only pointing that out to you. All of those stats you keep yelling can be true and guess what? That doesn't mean the average american is upgrading their phone every year. There are still people using old flip phones still just switching to smartphones. Doesn't mean everybody with an S3 and Nexus 4 has upgraded. Doesn't mean a majority. Doesn't even mean very many have. Does not mean the average consumer is doing anything. So get over yourself.
  • If you can't stand getting angry replies, maybe you should try responding a bit civilised, maybe even admit you're making stuff up? Instead of calling other people names when you're corrected? I mean, do you lie about everything in real life, too?
  • Right on. Lol.
  • Civilized? Most of your replies are uncivilized. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Woohoo, I understand English words better than Americans! Makes me a little proud. I guess those jokes Brits make about Americans being half illiterate aren't entirely inaccurate. :) My replies may be blunt, which is a hell of a lot better than trolls like sojibby deserves. You may want to look up what civilised means.
  • You are the biggest troll around here. You are literally the only person who fights instead of converses calls people a troll, rants about nothing just to piss people off. It is the definition of trolling. You took a comment out of context and have not shut up about it since. No you do seem to understand English that well at all.
  • Stop the pathetic lies and I won't call you an idiot. It's really pretty easy to avoid, sojibby.
  • Lmfao. Number 1, I have not been 'lying'. Number 2, nobody gives a shit if you call me an idiot. It is funny that you feel the need, but I certainly don't care. It will not affect my day. One thing you have made clear though, you are impossible to avoid with your constant trolling on everything everybody writes.
  • why are you whining then? :D
  • Just calls 'em like I sees 'em.
  • According to the WSJ article sales of the S5 in America had a strong showing compared with a greater than 50% reduction in Asia. That doesn't mean sales in the West or America were increasing.
  • Yeah, because "a strong showing" is business lingo for "the sales are dropping", right?
  • +1^ Posted via Android Central App
  • Totally agree! I think they would profit more if they release a new device every other year and focus on just updating the software in between.
  • Hey Samsung, I'm still rocking my GS3. I had to replace the glass twice, but it's still a beast. (DIY glass replacement is only like $12 when you use Amazon and the iFixit App) Oh yeah, Sammy. CyanogenMod has 5.0 running. I didn't need your factory TouchBloat anyway. Posted via my Rooted Sprint GS3 FreedomPop(MVNO) (Rooted Sprint LG G2
    (Stock "Contest Won - Sprint Galaxy Note 4/Coming Soon."
    (Stock Hisense Sero 7 Pro
    (Stock Galaxy Note Pro 12.2
    (Stock Tmobile Galaxy Note 3
  • YES!!! LET'S CELEBRATE!!! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Probably what they deserved. The S5 is a good phone and it was the right choice for me in my situation but there's so many people where this not apply and they went for alternative options. Samsung had the chance to blow the competition out the water but they blew it, adding gimmicks when they should've been either dropping the price or making sure the package was actually worth the (sim-free) handset cost. Time to go back to being aggressive Samsung, 2/3 years ago your products were much cheaper as you were trying to gain sales, now everything is (initially) priced high to protect your high margins, but you end up eroding it anyway when things don't sell. Note 4 looks an awesome phone, but they have to make the S6 far more advanced in all areas for it to sell in the numbers they need.
  • I had the S5 and now have the Note 4 and the difference between the two are amazing. If they had done the same with the S5 they would have had a real winner on their hands. I hope they do a lot better with the S6! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I will be very interested to see what Apple's sales will be next year. There was so much pent up demand for the larger phone that it will prop up their numbers this time around but with increased competition, people holding onto their devices longer and market saturation next year will be a challenge for all OEM's going forward.
  • absolutely correct. They'll get a year at least.
  • Did they ever launch a 32GB model? Not doing 16 GB with SD card. LG got it right on the G3 and the Note has 32 GB and SD card also. I would have tried a 32GB model.
  • No they never did. 32gb should be the minimum . My sister just walked in to a Rogers store and the sales person gave her an S5 for free on hardware upgade they must have a lot of stock to be giving the phone at $0. Posted via Android Central App
  • No your sister's one experience doesn't mean anything. Rogers is still selling this phone for 200 on contract.
  • Your sister is probably hot. That's why. Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • Off topic but I have a quick question guys. I sold my friend my old phone and even though I signed out of all the Google apps on it (and he then signed in using his account), all his searches still show up when I open my Google Now, on my new phone. Is there any way to fix this?
  • Reset to factory settings, I guess.
  • Yea that's all I could think of too but I was trying to see of there's a more simple way first
  • Clear cache and data on Google search Posted via the Android Central App
  • I'll try that thanks
  • You should have done a factory reset before you sold him the phone.
  • Don't sell a phone unless you factory reset it.. Posted via the Android Central App
  • You should always factory reset a phone when you sell or give it to someone.
  • Many people are ONLY focused on specs, and that means when there isn't an obvious change, they won't bother. The move from the Galaxy S3 to S4 saw the jump to a 1080x1920 resolution, plus in some markets, the jump from a dual-core to quad-core processor. The move from S4 to S5 on the other hand, was more a function of qualitative improvements which are not obvious on a spec sheet, even while they DO make the experience of using the device better. The display in the Galaxy S5 is quite a bit better than the S4, even though the resolution did not increase. This means that on the spec sheet, there was no change, even though there was one. If we see a 1440x2560 for the S6, then that will draw a fair number of people, just because it does show up as a change on the spec sheet. The fact that Android itself has not seen a major jump until Lollipop for a while(ICS from 4.0 through 4.3) also meant that people were not looking to upgrade for a new OS version. KitKat was a nice jump, which the S4 already has, so again, no big incentive to upgrade for those following the spec sheets. Every company goes through this, where if there isn't a notable change in devices from year to year, people don't see a need to upgrade.
  • The only reason I didn't buy the S5 Active was the lack of QI wireless charging, such a mistake to release an outdoor\water resistant phone without qi forcing the user to constantly open and close a sealed door for charging. I believe it was my only reason to pass on it
  • The Sprint S5 can't even do simultaneous calling and data. The Sprint S4 could. Why take away features? Obvious step backwards.
  • It was because of the bandaid back Posted from the bando
  • Samsung needs 3 devices. The Galaxy Note series, Galaxy S series and Galaxy Alpha. As awesome as the idea of the Active series is, I don't think enough people are worried about the dust & water protection of it. They could just make the S series with all the Actives features and most people would be fine with that. Posted via my Nexus 6
  • Even then the s5 has the same water resistant. The only difference with the active is the outer shell Posted via the Android Central App
  • This is what I see as the biggest issue as one of those average users. Take a bite out of what's working for Apple and simplify it for the users. Feature rich phones are a plus, since users have options, but not really knowing what the heck is the latest or best of phones that are so similar isn't good for Samsung...they are doing too much to put it mildly. Streamlining should be a major focus. As for the UI, touchwiz, I really have no clue about these things. All I know is my Note 3 is very productive and I love it. Of course I do research on other devices, but the S-pen and its features is a friend of mine. Posted via Android Central App
  • It was pour marketing from Samsung's release of the note 4. Instead the note 4 and s5 should have been released in the same month. I have friends who talked for months about getting an s5 but then ended up getting a note 4 bc of its newer features. The only way the s5 sales wouldn't have dropped depended on how soon Samsung could get the Android L running on its flagship device. Let's be honest though. There are a lot of strictly apple junkies out there, but I've played with the iPhone 6 and Imo both the s5 and LG G3 are better phones and both were released months before apple released its iPhone 6. For me, that's a win. Having a phone that's been on the market for months that's better than a competitors main device released months later is an overall win. The galaxy alpha was another phone that takes away from the standard s5's sales. But honestly Samsung are no doubt satisfied selling all their phones rather than just 1 out performing all their other devices. It's a company that allows you choice and that's why I respect Samsung so much Posted via the Android Central App
  • I think one of the big problems is that due to the prices and being locked into a contract w a major carrier, that people dont want to upgrade every year. I have said before that the companies dont realize people truly upgrade about every other year. Sure some of do it every year, but they expect it to be "have to" status symbol, esp among young people and the demand just isnt there anymore, and the older market could care less. Also, look at how many diff phones samsung has released this year, s5, note4, alpha, active, prime.. Just make a couple great phones w no bs and they will sell themselves! But when carriers want to hold you for two years unless u do a next or edge program, its counter productive Posted via the Android Central App
  • If only it was priced slightly lower and had a much more ground breaking design. I honestly think the S5 is a good looking phone, but to the average buyer, the little change in looks and the below average build quality was a turn off. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I don't think it was a bad phone? Just to expensive and lacking the brilliance that the M8 had. I had one for a month but couldn't handle the sound quality and didn't like the water resistant feature. I swapped for a Sony Z2, what I would consider a proper waterproof phone. I hope the S6 is better and that Samsung has learnt it's lesson. Posted via the Android Central App
  • A lot of people I know are happy with their S4 and Note 3's. Posted via GS5 on the Android Central App
  • Agreed, but also with their Nexus 4/5, S3, G1/G2, HTC One, etc. They all run today's apps just fine and for the majority of the western world they only use their phones for phone calls and very basic apps, and do not feel the slightest need to upgrade. Heck I just handed-me-down a Galaxy S2 to my father to replace his crappy old phone. People here need to realize they are the minority when it comes to phone enthusiasm, and that the average electrician, homemaker, doctor or well basically the average HUMAN isn't worried about phone specs or resolution or whatever, and wont buy a new phone until their old one dies. The western phone market is saturated just like it is with PCs.
  • Where do you get that western smartphone users mostly use their phones for calls! I beg to differ! Once someone has decided that a smartphone is the way to go, then they tend to be more active on social networks like FB, Instagram, Twitter, texting, games, internet, navigation and the like. My 13 year old son uses it for all of those things! He rarely makes phone calls as does his friends! People just don't talk nearly as much as five years ago! Your assertion of western smartphone use is pretty narrow and rather insulting. It would be pretty stupid to drop 600.00 on a smartphone and only be using it for talk! Who are you? Where are you from? I don't know how old your father is, but if he's like my dad then he's in his sixties. So, if your example of western smartphone use is based on a sixty year old who accepts a 3 year old "hand me down phone" who would probably never own a smartphone unless it was given to him, then it's no wonder your whole argument is not only flawed, but negatively biased! Take that weak shit out of here! How the hell you gonna try to use Samsung phone sales as a vehicle to insult western culture? You're a chump! Your assertion that we only use our smartphones for simple applications and mostly phone calls is downright ignorant! Can you give me an example of a complex as opposed to a simple application that's in high use anywhere outside of the western hemisphere? I'm just interested to know out of the millions of applications written for smartphone consumption, which of the non "simple" ones are highly used anywhere let alone the "westerners? " Posted via the Android Central App
  • "then they tend to be more active on social networks like FB, Instagram, Twitter, texting, games, internet, navigation and the like" This is the only thing you said that relates to my point, and it supports my point. FB, Instagram, Twitter, texting, internet, navigation, and 99.9% of games run just fine on an HTC One, an S3, a Nexus 4, etc. Why would the average soccer mom who spent $0 down on a 2 year contract (not $600 because they don't think that way) who has a phone that works 100% fine for the things they are doing run out to buy a Note 4? They literally give no thought to new phones. Until that Nexus 4 breaks the majority of Nexus 4 owners will not be upgrading. If you don't understand that those of us who pay attention to these blogs are in an extremely small minority you're nuts.
  • My point is that you made it a western cultural thing, yet you failed to explain how any non western culture used their phones any different. Then you're talking about soccer mom's as if they're really simple and don't care about their purchase whether no money down or out of pocket. I may support your point, but the western society is the most wasteful society on earth and they, including soccer mom's, will absolutely by new shit just because it's new and learn about the features as they go. No matter how much you want to stereotype a certain group, you just can't! Samsung sales are down for one simple reason, the new larger iPhone 6s are killing them! My GF bought the 6 plus for one simple reason, it's big and easy to see! That's a pretty simple reason to buy don't you think? Now, you throw in the Apple environment and the workmanship of their phones and suddenly a1000.00 phone seems like a good deal to a woman who probably uses about 10 applications on her phone! So, again I say your assertions are biased and ignorant! Posted via the Android Central App
  • I never said they were "simple" I said the average person - a regular soccer mom being a good example, does not give a shit about having the "latest and greatest" phone. And they don't. Most regular every day people do not give a shit as long as their phone works for the few things it does. I know people who sell phones who know jack shit about phones. Nothing you are saying means the average person is so upset with their nexus 4 or s3 or iPhone 4 that they feel a need to upgrade. Sorry. Regular people aren't like that, and never will be. That is why the term power user exists.
  • I'm sure in the article is says (in the first paragraph) that sales of the s5 are lower than the s4 by some 4 million. Therefore does that not prove that demand is also lower in the US? /\_/\
  • Oh, you didn't say simple, you said they mostly use their phones for "phone calls and very basic apps." IMO basic and simple are the same damn thing! Please don't try to split hairs. I've given you several examples to which you have ignored in order to claim that people won't upgrade if everything is working fine on their current device. And, you've identified the" soccer mom" as the average market segment! Yet, Apple sold over ten million phones in the first weekend of the new iPhone 6. Which flies in the face of your soccer mom assertion as I've seen a many soccer moms, as you describe, using iPhones whether they be new or old. Although you're saying soccer mom's, you're still really describing the purchasing habits of your dad! Explain to me why there are millions of iPhones sold in the first few days of release if people only buy phones when their current device is no longer functional? Also, please explain how you've determined that "soccer moms" are your average market segment when they are buying new iPhones just as fast as everyone else! Take a trip to your local Apple store and see for yourself! Posted via the Android Central App
  • "Basic apps" and "simple people" are not equivalents. If that is splitting hairs to you than you are nuts. One means someone is stupid and one, in this context, means angry birds and twitter don't use too many resources for a Nexus 4. I am referring to the latter. As to the rest, a soccer mom is an EXAMPLE of an average person. Anyone who wants a new and upgraded phone every year is NOT an average person . iPhones just sold well because they finally upgraded their screen size. It was an upgrade worth getting for many. That will be the last one, the exception to the rule because they held out on screen size so long, and come next year in the same boat as Samsung.
  • Agreed, you were speaking on people not apps when you said simple! Point noted! You may be right in that folks don't upgrade every year with each new device, but it would be interesting to know the numbers on that because many people that I know do upgrade with every new phone! And, I agree that when the iPhone 6S comes the sales may not be as fervent, but your insertion that people don't upgrade unless they're phones become less functional just isn't completely true. People upgrade when they're motivated, and that's usually the greatest determining factor in upgrading to new equipment! It's rare that your one year old equipment loses functionality. But, people are motivated by new cool looking shit that no-one else has yet! There was nothing wrong with the 4.3" screen on the iPhone 5S. And, the 6 wasn't a big jump over the 5S at 4.7", but it sold millions and it sold nearly 3 times as much as the 6 plus! So, people do upgrade when they think they're getting new cool stuff. What's funny is that you think that Apple can't repeat what they've done, but I say you're wrong. What they will do is raise the screen size of the 6 to a 5" 1080p screen and folks will go bonkers again! In effect, Apple still has plenty left in the tank. You and I both know that the difference between 4.7 and a 5" is significant and it's also the line drawn in the sand between a one handed phone and a phablet! And, that line is ever blurring! Watch when iPhone gets the 5 or 5.1" screen, the exodus from Android will come in droves if Android doesn't have the pretty, high quality hardware to compete. The point of this article is why is Samsung's projections slumping and I say because Apple dealt them a knockout punch with the new iPhones. Many Android fans could not see themselves going to an iPhone after having been used to 5" screens. And, when Apple brought them out Android fans jumped and particularly those who owned Samsung because Samsung put themselves in the ring with Apple and only Apple through their extensive advertising! Posted via the Android Central App
  • No I was NOT calling people simple. IPHONE users finally getting the big screens they wanted drove all of iPhone sales, nobody upgraded from Note 3 to iPhone. They see no need to upgrade as the Note 3 is still awesome today. You also have a poor grasp on the priorities of the average person, who is only "motivated" when their phone is broken, or eventually is too old to run apps reliably. You clearly have no grasp of how many people that is, or have too much money to understand the average person.
  • Ok I give and can we just agree to disagree? Posted via the Android Central App
  • People are starting to have upgrade fatigue. Instead of upgrading every year, they wait until their phone is no longer functional or there is some amazing new upgrade.
  • Simply Put: The Galaxy S5 was a lousy phone. Despite upgraded specs, it continued to exhibit lag, where it shouldn't. Further, the Galaxy S4 was better looking. The nail in the coffin was the fact you could only get the GS5 with 16GB of internal space, of which 6GB was already in use. I recommended this phone to no one and advised they look at the HTC One M8 or LG G3 instead.
  • I may like Samsung, but they flucked up big time. They should have released the S5, Note 4, Note Edge at once. Heck months later and I'm still waiting on the Edge. It's been one fluck up after the next. Let's not forget about diluting the Galaxy name with Active, Mega, Mini, Camera and whatever else. They turned the Galaxy brand into a joke with even low/midrange devices and non-phone items having the Galaxy name..
  • Agreed! Posted via the Android Central App
  • They never release the galaxy line and the note at the same time. Has been that way since the note 1, and a smart move by samsung. The s5 just wasn't enough of an upgrade for many, which is why it wasn't selling as well as expected. That and the increased competition from other android OEM's as well as apple and their larger iPhones.
  • I just think its cause people bought S4 and the S5 was just really a GS4s? And they fact they only 1 year in their contract?
  • Push out the Lollipop update for it (which hopefully improves TouchWiz more), drop the price by $200 across the board (Free on contract, $450 off), sell an unlocked model in the US, beat sales estimates.
  • The user interface is cartoonish and sluggish, aka touchwiz.
  • It's loosing to Xiaomi in the Chinesee Market.
  • I think Samsung sales are down because they went and compared their products to Apple through heavy commercialization and people bought into them in the form of the galaxy S4. Once they started to realize how crappy the user experience was in the way of lagginess and gimmicks and the cartoonish touchwiz all on a plastic phone, then they decided to wait and see what the competition had to offer. And...BAM...Apple comes with the big screen phones and sells tens of millions within a week of launch. Do any of you really believe that none of those tens of millions were previous Android/Samsung owners? I know of 3 people within my close network of friends who all ditched the GS4s for the iPhone 6! See, here's the deal, it's true that the western world may be smartphone saturated, which means that when people make new purchases they're gonna scrutinize more. And, it's not very motivating to spend $600.00+ on a plastic, lightweight, and cartoonish looking device! Why not just go for the gusto and buy that well crafted iPhone which actually looks and works like it's worth its price! Please don't let your iPhone hate make you deaf to my opinion, because I'm a die hard Android fan! But, this is a situation where Apple simply punched back and knocked Sammy out this time! People want the look and feel of quality especially when they're dropping big money. And, aside from the note 4, Sammy can't compete with Apple on look and feel of a smartphone! But, the note 4 is a thing of beauty and it has no competitors! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Agree. I'd imagine the majority of iPhone 6 purchase were already iPhone users just finishing with their 4s or 5. IMO the OEMS have produced better devices this year. M8, G3, even the nexus 5 is still a great device without the clutter of the galaxy line and for half the price. /\_/\
  • Lol.. Good news. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not surprising. It wasn't that much of an upgrade over the s4, and they pushed it out before the s4 was even a year old.
  • This is simple - the S5 is barely an upgrade over the S4. You can buy a factory unlocked S4 for $350 right now. The S5 still costs $550 unlocked.
  • No surprise, while the s5 was a good phone it wasnt worth the upgrade from an s4 so you can see why less people were reluctant to upgrade. Now if the s5 was originally like the s5 prime it could have been better. Also the design went backwards imo, I think the s4 with its slimmer bezels was a better looking design. In away this is good news for Samsung lovers and haters, with having a poor year it will force Samsung to improve and by looking the note 4 it's clear they are and with the news they are looking to reduce product line by 30% it should mean 2016 will be the year where they try again. I think after the s3 and s4 they just thought they could sell the s5 on there name alone like apple but the difference is in Android it's not possible as if you try to do that then there's others to over shadow you and offer options where as if you want an ios device you must get the iPhone so even if your not super impressed with the update but you want a new phone you just accept it. It's why apple can get away with it as they make only ios. Samsung is only one of many oems that make Android so if they stop trying you can just buy from another oem without having to give up your ecosystem. I'm looking forward to the s6 now. Even if it's just a 5" verizon of the note 4 with a faster chip I'll be happy. Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4
  • Xaomi and lenovo selling hardware at razor thin margins to gain marketshare in asia, even if theyre not making a profit. That's all there is to it
  • It seems like the majority of people here are reading the wrong thing from this article. It's not touchwiz, or build quality or specs or skin or bloat that's causing this. I mean, on those fronts Samsung is comparable now to how it's always been. The real shift is in China, there are a lot of home market phones being made, only selling there that are pushing out guys like Samsung. A Chinese person may very well prefer Huawei, Xiaomi, or Oppo over foreign Samsung. As competition increases, sales of individuals are bound to decline. As a market leader they had the most to lose.
  • Right, also, margins can be a lot thinner there as well. I'm sure devices made for local companies have fewer taxes, as well as lower cost to manufacture. Just look at the One Plus One, even in US$ it's around half the cost of a GS5 with taxes and duties.
  • Samsung hasn't provided a reason to upgrade to the S5 from the S4. They need to go back to their core like Microsoft recently has. Posted via the Android Central App
  • I DON'T GET THIS POST. The S5 is already 7 months old and the data in this article only shows figures for the first 3 months. I'm sure they already sold 30 to 40 Million Galaxy S5's by now. The Galaxy S4 sold 50 Million in 10 months. Still plenty of sales.
  • I have an s5 but am gonna change to iPhone 5s,I dont like my s5 anymore
  • "Sales dropping 50% in China" The only reason that isn't like a 90% drop is because Xiaomi cannot satisfy the sheer demand of their Moto G spec equivalent phone selling for US$100. And a Xiaomi user I very *much* prefer the MIUI user experience to my former Note 3.
  • They sell less S-Series, but the Note 3 and Note 4 are selling far better than the Note 2. In sum the 2 series are selling really well...
  • You know expectations are high when 12 million units sold is considered a bad thing and people are moved to other departments.
  • I bought my 1st Samsung phone this past April. Come from the iPhone 5. I've had 5 iPhones.
    Still learning the Samsung phone.
    I have no idea what touchwiz is or the knox, or whatever you called it. There is a lot I do not know as of yet.
    And don't say I'm a troll. I am not a troll. Like the Samsung S5. I think it could be faster. and the carriers like AT&T could put up more towers too.