Samsung Pay expected to hit the UK alongside the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S7

Samsung Pay has yet to make its way to the UK but we may now have an idea as to when Samsung plans to launch its payment platform in the country. According to the latest report over on Pocket-lint, the company is holding off for the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Nathalie Oestmann, Head of Samsung Pay Europe, revealed that Samsung Pay will be coming to both the UK and Spain very soon and that more details will be shared at Mobile World Congress. Since we'll be expecting to see Samsung announce the company's next flagship smartphone at around that time, it would seem as though two birds will indeed be taken out by a single stone.

We'll have to hold out until February 21 for more details, and will bring you all the latest from MWC 2016 as it happens so stay tuned!

Source: Pocket-lint

Rich Edmonds