<img class="lightbox image-large" right size-medium wp-image-2025" title="samsung-android-cell-phone" src="/articleimages/2009/01/samsung-android-cell-phone.jpg" alt="" width="134" height="229" />Our stance on Android Devices is that we want more of them, from any phone maker, on any network. Year 2009 seems to be shaping up in a big way for Android Devices and looks to be even bigger with Samsung confirming that they'll be bringing an Android Device to both Sprint AND T-Mobile this year. According to Samsung:

"We are accelerating the development process for Google phones in order to meet the specific needs of local carriers"

We're going to remain hopeful and translate "accelerating the development process" to "as soon as possible". We here at Android Central are crossing our fingers for the much fabled Second Android Device.