Samsung LED View Cover review for Galaxy S7 edge

One of the official cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is the LED View Cover. In addition to some protection against scratches or drops, the LED View Cover provides LED notifications directly on the front cover and adds a pocket for a credit card, business card, or cash. See it in action in our hands-on video.

The LED View Cover only comes in two colors: Black and Gold. We have the black one with the Silver Titanium Galaxy S7 edge. We don't think it's real leather, but the material feels soft to touch and certainly makes the phone less slippery in the hand. It does add a little bit of bulk to the phone.

Installing the case is very easy. Simply line up the bottom of your phone with the bottom clips of the case and then push down on all four corners.

There's an LED window on the front cover that shows the time and notifications. When you open the cover, it automatically wakes the phone. There's a slot inside that can fit one credit card, two business cards or a folded bill.

When the cover is closed, you still have access to the sim card slot, USB, audio jack, power button and speakers. There are labels for the volume keys on the left side. There's also a hole for the earpiece, so you'll still be able to hear your caller when the cover is closed.

When it comes to notifications, you can see the time, alarms, calls, and messages. You can respond to incoming calls or alarms with a swipe without opening the cover. To answer a call, drag your finger to the right on the LED window. To reject a call, drag your finger to the left.

You can also assign different LED images to contacts which appear in the LED window during incoming calls. On your phone, go to Settings > System > Accessories > LED caller ID. There are currently 20 icons to choose from. For example, I've assigned a heart icon for the wife.

Plugging in your phone to a charger displays a short animation on the LED window. A battery icon shows up, followed by the battery percentage, and then the time. This doesn't happen when using a wireless charger. If you just want to quickly look at the time, you can press the power button while the cover is closed.

The LED View Cover can also show music playing, but there's a big catch. It only works with Samsung's Music app. It won't work on other music apps like Spotify, Tidal, or Google Play Music. We're very disappointed about that and wish Samsung adds that feature in an update.

Another issue worth noting is that taking photos take longer when using the case. You'll need to open the cover, double-press the home button, and then make sure the front cover doesn't block the lens.

Samsung LED View Cover

There's a lot to like about the LED Wallet cover. It offers protection, feels good in the hand, and also doubles as a card holder. The LED window is interesting, but it would've been better if it supported other music apps.

The retail price of the LED Wallet Cover is $69.99, and we surely don't recommend paying that much. Fortunately, you can get it on Amazon for about $45, which is more reasonable.

Are you thinking of getting the LED Wallet Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge? Let us know in the comments!

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Mark Guim