Samsung InstinctQ Passes the FCC

The Samsung InstinctQ (also known as the Samsung M900) just passed through the hands of the Notorious FCC. And when yet-to-be announced products pass through the FCC, it typically means it's going to be announced sooner rather than later. So should we expect the Samsung InstinctQ/M900 to take over the daily headlines in the near future?

We think yes. The Samsung InstinctQ was previously rumored to release in October, and though that seems a wee bit too close, we're fairly certain an announcement (at the least) is on its way. The Notorious FCC leaks that the InstinctQ will rock CDMA/EV-DO connectivity which definitely points toward Sprint being the carrier. Everything else seems to be standard fare--Android OS, Bluetooth, and WiFi. The InstinctQ deserves bonus points for a hardware keyboard though.

What do you guys think? Is a hardware QWERTY keyboard enough to make you pass on the HTC Hero and wait for this puppy? Or are you just happy to see Android take off?

[fcc via unwiredview]

Casey Chan
  • Definitely happy to see Android taking off... QWERTY keyboard - why?? All it needs is a reasonable sized screen with capacitive touch. Physical keyboards are so 2 years ago! Seriously ;-)
  • Hm I cannot agree with your comment. I will always take the querty device. It just makes you feel more comfortable and safe. Soft keyboards can! be good. (actually I write this from my HTC hero) But they are still slower. Alone the fact that I have to press a Button in order to hide the keyboard after writing annoys me. And the additional proofread to compensate the spellcheck.
  • I am waiting to buy my first Android device. Right now I have a Pre and iPhone 3Gs. I had a Samsung text phone recently also. I am comfortable on real keyboard or screen, but I think I prefer the real keyboard. I think Android devices will have both for a while. This is good for all users. I was going to get the HTC Hero, but then saw the MOTO CLIQ. Now this Samsung, decisions decisions.
  • Спасибо за статью!