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Samsung Hercules photos leaked, show T-Mobile and Galaxy S II branding

It appears that another new phone has reached the hands of testers, as shots of the Samsung Hercules -- now officially unofficially T-Mobile's Galaxy S II variant -- are cropping up across the web.  We're still in the dark about most of the specs, we've heard things like a Qualcomm processor and 4.5-inch screen (which would be a departure from the rest of the Galaxy S II line), but we do get a pretty good look at the exterior of the new device.  These new pics have the Hercules looking a lot like the Samsung Nexus S in the overall body design, as the optical trackpad single button we see on the international versions is gone, and the rear of the phone has the familiar reverse chin.  Looking through the other pictures (check the source links) we also see a front facing camera, an 8MP rear camera, capacitive buttons, a SAMOLED display (we'd bet on that being SAMOLED plus), and a 4G icon.  The two biggest questions -- will it really be dropping the Samsung Exynos processor in favor of the Qualcomm, and the release date, are still unanswered.  For now, we'll just enjoy the pictures.

Sources: Pocketnow; TmoNews 

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • This looks like the Leaked pics of the Within
  • That was my first thought exactly. Honestly it seems like the only difference is the TMo symbol instead of Sprint. It would make sense though, them looking similar, if they were both have 4.5 screens. Has anyone searched through the FCC docs and seen if the dimensions match the sprint version FCC?
  • The same thing came to mind when I saw the picture.
  • Not even close. The Within doesn't have the GS2 label and the back is almost exactly like the original.... this look of this back is completely different.... Also the Sprint camera is more rounded. There is no way to compare the 2.
  • Very cool. If i didn't have my heart set on the Nexus I'd jump on this. p.s. I thought it was just a home button and not an actual trackpad?
  • Man, if tmobile wasn't going to be acquired by At&t, I would've renewed my contract with this phone.
  • im sorry, this is WEAK. the SGS2 overseas is amazing, it looks unique, and is the thinniest slab phone ever made. this is the exact opposite, same old design we have been getting. have gives? if this is the sgs2 we all been waiting for i am NOT impressed.
  • It's probably about the same thickness as the regular SGS2, just more rounded on the corners. Less likely to be mistaken for an iPhone 4, at least in court. :)
  • screw that, thats complete bs.
    the sgs2 is out over seas, if this is the real sgs2 that we have waited so long for, through all the software update long waits and the gps issues, its another nail in the samsung coffin. i dont think this is a real sgs2. it cant be, it HAS to be like the one they have presented over seas, because that was a real gem, this is the same old tired design we have been seeing for YEARS now.
  • It's not the looks of the phone, it's the stuff inside that matters, cause at this point, I doubt we're gonna see new designs for quite a while. ALSO: Dude, you sound like a petulant little kid that has it his way or everyone else around you is made miserable. "It HAS to.. HAS to HAS to!" get over it.
  • ALSO DUDE go screw yourself,
    its all ABOUT looks AND insides. samsung FAILS if they dont use the same exact design as they been touting is the sgs2 over seas. this phone is nothing more then a redesigned NEXUS S, with the new iphone 5 coming out the sgs2 they been showing off is a strong competitor, if this is the us version, mark this off as ANY kind of competitor, might as well mark samsung off as a solid competitor to anyone out there making new phones with new designs. the sgs2 they been showing off is amazing, the thinnest slab ever produced, its lines are great and the way the button setup is makes the phone stand out. why would samsung abandon that for a years old design? for ppl like you who buy whatever they shell out. keep buying junk like this, u deserve it. ill gladly spend my money with a phone maker that doesnt use year old designs and doesnt make one style phone some where else and then bring the same model out here with a age old design. its like chevy making the new sonic over seas with the new body style, yet using the old aveo body style here. get it fan boy?
  • You want some cheese for that whine? You sound like a little teenage girl who thinks what she wants only matters. To bad Moto and htc also use year old designs you are an idiot all that matters is what's inside. I could care less about all these phones its just funny how much you are crying over a phone. Go outside enjoy life this phone isn't going to get you any girls or help with those things. Smh at your ignorance.
  • Your opinion is weak. You can't even see the whole phone. Relax
  • This is the "exact opposite" of the thinnest slab phone ever made??? You're claiming this design is the thickest slab phone ever made? Wow someone is new to the cell phone world.
  • He's the new dick yarrell
  • "as the optical trackpad we see on the international versions is gone"... What? Perhaps you mean the physical Home button?
  • Yep. Hard to keep track of them all some days :p
  • They have to change the design because is screwing with them
  • After having the Fascinate and continuum since December I'm done with Samsung phones. Other than the above average display I feel they have nothing over MOTO and HTC. Touchwiz is a rip off from Apple and the updates are slower than you know what.
  • You can play with your locked down lack luster droid bonic while we blow by you with our Galaxy S II. Hardware wise, if it comes with the exynoes, it will be superior to the omap processors just like how the hummingbird is superior in the previous gen phones. I'm assuming your fascinate was not rooted, debing'd, and voodoo'd. That means your old experience with the fascinate is invalid since you were only using 50% of what the phone is really capable of.
  • Part of the "Good overall Experience" is that you can use it straight outta the box & not have to "rooted, debing'd, and voodoo'd" to make it work properly Anther part of the "Good overall Experience" is the build quality , I can't say that about neither the Galaxy S (I9000) or the Galaxy S II (I9100) My Stock MILESTONE 1's TI OMAP ran better than the Galaxy's Hummingbird when i used them side by side , but that is just my opinion by the way :
    Even with WITH locked bootloader you CAN still root & flash custom ROMS , The MILESTONE , MILESTONE XT720 , Defy , CLIQ & CLIQ XT have CM7 ROMs (Defy have it since CM4) & Recently Both DROID X & DROID 2 got CM7 ROMs
    The DROID X2 already have custom ROMs out there
    Among the other ROMs that is already available for Motorola phones
  • I don't know if your trolling intentionally or not. But i've played with my friend's og droid that has gingerbread, and oc'ed to 1 ghz and that thing is slower than dirt. Sure the transitions when you swipe across the homescreens are *less* laggy, but it's still very laggy non the less. The phone cannot run many of the higher end games due to lack of ram. That is something that can never change. My wife's stock og droid is painfully slow. I've been begging her to let me over clock it so it can at least almost work like a normal phone without getting hung up when trying to open apps. But again the phone runs out of ram way too fast. The galaxy S you compared to side by side must be broken. I run side by side with my friends 1.2 ghz CM7 evo 4G, and mine still runs smoother, and I'm running a live wallpaper that is very very graphic intensive. Try running jumpgate live wall paper on the android market and tell me how good your phone runs.
  • Actually my fascinate was rooted and all that good stuff and it still sucked imho. And It's kind of hard to play with my bionic since it hasn't even been released yet. I actually have the thunderbolt and have left it stock since I got it 2 weeks ago and am so much happier It's not even funny. Oh and besides it doesn't matter if I was rooted or not my experience was valid because It's my opinion on what I like in a phone. But if it makes you feel superior to talk down to someone because you assumed he left his phone stock then yes I left it stock and yes you're far superior than me. I should start seeking your opinion for what I want in a phone from here on out. LOL
  • Why am I not convinced that you really are rooted? The reason why I assumed your running bone stock is because 1) you said touchwiz sucks. Why criticize something that is not relevant when its rooted 2) You also mentioned that updates suck. If your rooted, updates should not be a problem since we always run leaked build which comes way more frequent than official verizon ota's which in honest opinion is painful. So what roms were you running when you had your fascinate? If you were interested in rooted then getting a continuum seems like a pretty dumb idea since it would be pretty obvious it would hardly get developed. Now if you were telling the truth, what makes your *rooted, romed, voodoo'ed* fascinate so horrible? lol I'm waiting because I would say that it performs at least as good as the thunderbolt minus the LTE.
  • 1) touchwiz does suck and I was running launcher pro because I hate touchwiz. 2) I chose to root to get rid of the bloatware and to run froyo since it was taking so long for update to be released and I was tired of not having flash. 3) I was stuck with a continuum because my fascinate got broken and asurion was back ordered on the fascinate's so instead of being without a phone for who knows how long I sucked it up and used the continuum for 5 weeks until I could upgrade. So again my question to you is why criticize me for what I chose to do when it doesn't affect you? Are you one of those people who is so insecure that you have to bad mouth people that don't agree with you to feel better about yourself?
  • So you were just running a debloated stock froyo rom. What a shame because the phone could've been so much better if you ran superclean ( the rom that was out at the time ). I'm not bad mouthing you in anyway, no need to get so offended. I just said your opinion was invalid, and it still is not valid since you ran what was essentially a stock rom. Trust me, I hate the stock phone with a passion. Everytime I see a droid charge I get pist off because the phone running either gummycharged or altered beast can be so much better. Its a shame that most people who are not that into android will never know what the phone is really capable of and will just bad mouth it. The point is don't knock on it because you didn't fully unlock the phone's potential. I suggest you try playing with a nexus S if you think the samsung hardware sucks. That is what your fascinate could've been like if you ran a real rom. ( okay I will admit not exactly since its running gingerbread )The hardware is identical except that it has built in storage memory so it can read and open apps faster instead of reading off a slow ass class 2 sd card. Once cm7 becomes perfectly stable on the fascinate, it will be able to keep up with most dual core phones. Should it have come like this from the factory? YES!! Why does samsung continue to do this I have no clue. Its like they are intentionally holding their own phones back for some reason. The bright side of things is that from what we see so far from the international version is that touchwiz 4 looks half decent. I will probably run a different rom on it anyway. Also the lack of updates, you can thank verizon for that. I'm sure you feel the same way with the thunderbolt since that phone is barely being updated other than maintenance updates to fix the stupid constant reboot issues. ( yes I know it finally got fixed )
  • That above average, in fact way above average display is all I want.
  • Why are you reading a Samsung/T-Mobile phone post then?
    Motorola is crap in my opinion. I've had 3 phones: cliq, cliq 2, and defy. They are all shit IMHO. I agree that Touchwiz sucks but at least it runs smoother than Motoblur. Motorola is the slowest when it comes to updates. They come out with so many phones, but they just abandon most of them. Especially the ones in T-Mobile.
  • Well I guess I wasn't aware that I'm not allowed to read a t-mobile post since I'm a VZW customer. And how can you say Motorola is slower at updates than Samsung? I know I'm speaking about VZW phones, but the fascinate was released after the droid x and still had an older OS at release. Then there is the continuum that was released around 10 months ago and still hasn't been updated to froyo! So out of those three the droid x is the oldest and the only one running gingerbread. Also part of the updating issues need to be put on the carrier as well. But like I've been trying to point out is these are my opinions and quite frankly I could care less if you or anyone else likes them or not. If you prefer Samsung phones than good for you, but I am loving my thunderbolt and my wife still loves her droid x so much that she has had the chance to replace it, but won't do it.
  • Wow what year is this are so so last generation phones with crappy moto blur helll even moto said it was crap. And there lies the problem every one compares the blur to those old blur. And the new blur is way more polished and usefully so get with the times pkease
  • I'm not sure how I feel about the design. Honestly it does seem a bit.."unoriginal". I guess I'll have to wait for the reviews and to actually play with it.
  • exactly what i been saying, wtf is samsung thinking? only thing i can think of that this is either fake or really old? because this is not the sgs2 thats been debuted all over the world lately, thats a real piece of art, this is a remodeled nexus s. samsung fail.
  • Do you think the carriers will buy us breakfast? Because I like to little breakfast after I have been F@#ked. They made us wait 5 months so they can butcher this phone and say its not same as the other American carriers meanwhile the nexus (3) is just sitting around the corner, I expected to have one in my hands by the end of June not the end of the year. Then there is the six month delay for ICS.
  • Remember how they did the OGS....And you're still surprised they changed the design? You got F@#ked cause you're stupid.
  • I thought this was a 720p screen as well?
    If not, it's way too big. Played w/ the Samsung Infuse (4.5" screen) and feels like a big piece of glass instead of a phone...the 4.3" HTC was a much better size for a phone at this resolution.
    Screen was amazingly good though...easily beat the ipad/iphone in terms of glare and black/contrast. No wonder Apple is trying to suppress Samsung w/ lawsuits instead of trying to compete on technical merit...
  • To be fair the retina display is last years tech compared to super amoled plus. Retina Display was more about pixel density. My only worry is right after these GS2 phones hit in September/October we get the Samsung Nexus 4 that blows these out of the water.
  • if samsung keeps using these old, outplayed designs we have had for years then they have failed. it HAS to be the same design as the one released over seas, now THATS a real phone. im questioning the validity of this phone even being real because its years old design doesnt match what the sgs2 looked else where.
  • Do you want the to make a phone in the shape of a triangle... Almost every phone us a rectangle shape... U can only change a rectangle in so many different ways
  • Did you even finish reading his post? He stated that he wants the same design as the SGSII overseas, not the same design as the Galaxy S I.
    The Vibrant and Vibrant 4G has the same design. We are getting tired of that design.
  • Yes I did both the gs2 and both vibrants are rectangle with round corners
  • Yes I did both the gs2 and both vibrants are rectangle with round corners one just has a flat back and the other has rounded edges but the both are rectangles :)..... Sorry I take it back the gs2 and the vibrants are bout the same shape the bout have rounded corners and sides and the back has a little hump at the bottom but again to what I said most phones are rectangles with rounded corners
  • this is what im exactly saying, why would samsung take there prestigious flagship device and use a aged old design, when they are touting the sgs2 over seas as the thinnest smartphone ever produced, and so on? if you dont know what im talking about, watch a sgs2 review on youtube and prepare to be amazed. its like apple releasing the iphone 5 with the iphone 4 design but a bigger processor.
    what a waste, u can see each time the iphone released a new phone it was a different design, besides the 3g-3gs, each model was redesigned. thats what im calling this as either a fake or a really early prototype, something is just not right here. samsung would not put that much r&r into the sgs2 to scrap that whole new advanced and best/thinnest design out right now for a aged design of a nexus s/sgs1/epic.
  • *Drool* to bad i can't get a new phone until the merger goes down.
  • I'm not wasting my bucks on the bionic our this. I'm going to see what the next nexus has and go from there.
  • bigger is not better. this is supposed to be the same size as the infuse and the infuse is way too large to fit comfortably into your hand.
  • depends on how big your hands are.. I have big hands and think this is the perfect sized screen. It's still pocket-able. I wish the res. was better though...
  • Does that back plate look like brushed metal?
  • I do not like the design. I was waiting for the SGSII but I guess I'm going to go with the Sensation. I just wanted the over seas look x.x.
  • A phone should be functional... screw the design, unless it actually adds to functionality. This design is repeated over and over for one reason... it works! I do prefer the international's physical home button, but if this variant has solid gps and the hardware is not flawed, then this is going to be a very competitive device and will definitely be on my short list this fall.
  • Sammies are always flawed. But for those of you that buy it I buy it I hope samsung has gotten their crap together.
  • why would samsung take there prestigious flagship device and use a aged old design, when they are touting the sgs2 over seas as the thinnest smartphone ever produced, and so on? if you dont know what im talking about, watch a sgs2 review on youtube and prepare to be amazed. its like apple releasing the iphone 5 with the iphone 4 design but a bigger processor.
    what a waste, u can see each time the iphone released a new phone it was a different design, besides the 3g-3gs, each model was redesigned. thats what im calling this as either a fake or a really early prototype, something is just not right here. samsung would not put that much r&r into the sgs2 to scrap that whole new advanced and best/thinnest design out right now for a aged design of a nexus s/sgs1/epic.
  • How many times are you going to post the same thing???
  • I was about to say the same thing... pretty annoying that he does.
  • as many times as i want, you keep reading it.
  • hey guys, stop blaming samsung for the chenges in the hardware desing on the SG2 U.S. version,because this is fault only of the stupid ideas of U.S. carriers.
  • ok, so how is this different from AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G besides the NFC? Shape looks roughly the same too (played w/ the Infuse this weekend). Weird that T-Mo would call this a Galaxy S II...seems more like the Infuse class of devices...the Galaxy S II should have 4" screens instead of the giant 4.5" this has...