Samsung Game Live brings easy game livestreaming to Galaxy users

Whether you want to showcase insane strategies, superior technique, or just how insanely dedicated you are to that one game you refuse to put down, Samsung has a new app in the Galaxy Apps store that aims to make sharing your gaming prowess with the world much easier. Game Live is a one-stop streaming process that will let you go live with your favorite Android games in less than a minute, letting you quickly fire off a stream and then get straight to what you're really here to do: kick butt in your favorite game.

Game Live can send your stream live to Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube, with a variety of options for what audio and resolution you want to broadcast at. You can choose to use either your microphone, the game's audio, or both while you stream, and you can choose to stream at four qualities: Low, Medium, High, and Ultra. Game Live can only stream up to 4 GB videos, so the lower you set your quality, the longer your live stream can last at a time. By default, Game Live will save your stream videos to Gallery, but if you're strapped for space you can choose to just stream them and watch the replay on the service of your choice.

The app is simple to set up and even simpler to use once you log in to your streaming platform of choice (YouTube, of course, being a single-touch sign-in). You can even share the link to your stream on Twitter and SMS to tell your friends to come watch you destroy this campaign! Game Link is a free app, but being on Galaxy Apps, it's only meant for Samsung devices.

Game Live on Galaxy Apps

Ara Wagoner

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