Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 waterproof?

Galaxy Watch 3 41mm Silver
Galaxy Watch 3 41mm Silver (Image credit: Andrew Martonik / Android Central)

Best answer: Yes, the Galaxy Watch 3 has a 5ATM and an IP68 ingress rating. This means the smartwatch will survive a splash or track a swim in the pool and keep on ticking.

How tough is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3?

Sudden rain showers, splashes while washing your hands, or so many other instances all have the same thing in common — moisture. While living life, we are going to come into contact with water, and our accessories need to be able to handle these situations. Will the brand new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 be able to keep up? Can it go further, maybe coming with you while you swim some laps in the pool?

While Samsung was building its best Android smartwatch and including all of its amazing features, the company decided to put a good level of water resistance into it as well. In fact, the watch received a 5ATM and IP68 water resistance rating, and according to Samsung, these ratings equate to the following protections:

Water-resistant up to 50 meters per ISO standard 22810:2010. Not intended for scuba diving. Avoid excessive, sudden temperature changes and high-velocity activities. Rinse in fresh water/dry after use in seawater or chlorinated water.

Because of its relatively substantial water protection levels, the Galaxy Watch 3 has automatic swim detection to go along all of the other fitness features built-in the watch. As Samsung notes above, should your watch get in the ocean or chlorinated pool, you'll want to be sure to clean it off with fresh water. In addition to the water resistance, Samsung also built the Galaxy Watch 3 to not only look great but also be sturdy with a MIL-STD-810G durability rating.

This device passed military specification (MIL-STD-810G) testing against a subset of 10 specific conditions, including drops from 4.9 feet, extreme temperatures, dust, shock/vibration, and low pressure/high altitude.

So, regardless if you are wearing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 while walking around the park and sudden rain shower pops up or use it to track laps in the pool — the watch will survive the day.

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