Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G for Verizon now available for pre-order

While many folks have already snapped up their WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1's like they were going out of style, others have been holding out for the 3G/4G equipped version that's soon-to-be released from Verizon. If you're among those who held out, you can now hit up the Verizon site to place your pre-order for either a 16GB or 32GB version coming in your choice of color be it black or grey.

When it comes to pricing you'll be expected to fork over $529.99 for the 16GB and $629.99 for the 32GB. You'll also be required to sign up for a new two-year contract with a fitting data plan. They are as follows:

  • $20 for 1GB
  • $35 for 3GB
  • $50 for 5GB
  • $80 for 10GB

As it stands right now, orders are showing as being ready to ship in 4-6 weeks -- which may seem like and eternity if you've waited this long already. Hit the source link below for the full details.

Source: Verizon (opens in new tab); Thanks, Chris!

  • Is it the same thickness as the original???!!! i recall that 4G LTE modems ARE HUGE in comparing to the 3G modems and the fact that 4G device has TWO modems inside it (one for 2G,3G and one for 4G)...
  • Why buy one with a contract?
  • Convenience of not tethering your phone and killing your battery in 4 hours.
  • Also, if you choose not to root your phone because of the fear of bricking your device (something I would probably do), you'd have to pay for tethering anyway. For me, it's just easier to not worry about always having my phone next to me when I want to use the tablet (outside of a wifi area of course). If you know of a free way to tether without rooting your phone I'd love to know.
  • Report back how convenient it is the first time it locks up tighter than a safe and you're still paying for data while waiting for a new one.
  • Do I have to send it back for the 4g? ;-)
  • @ newboyx: That's funny. LOL
  • No DAS, as a VZW XOOM owner tbat is far from funny. Its not funny at all.
  • I'm actually thinking of getting a tablet on contract and killing off my my smartphone all together...... it can't be a 10 incher though..... looking forward to the 8.9 or any of the new honeycomb 3.2 7inchers
  • Plan on making phone calls with that Tablet? It going to fit in your pocket? Why would you want a Tablet over a Smart phone when you can have both? Just get yourself this Tablet on contract, keep your phone contract, pay for two data plans, and if you have any data overages, just pay them. I recommend the $80 10GB plan. Who's going to use more than 10GB in a month? It's only money. You can't take it with you. :-)
  • Last thing I do on my phone is talk. And I can hardly get the full use out of my Android phone since battery life is horrific. I just want a full time data experience when I'm on the go... train rides/bus rides to and from work... and when I travel without compromise. For a phone i'd just get me a pre-paid phone "Just-Incase" . . . I can use Google Talk or Google Voice for talking/ texting.... I think I can manage it. I'll just need a decent sized tablet... like a 7incher or i'll have to wait and see how portable the 8.9er is from sammy
  • Last thing I do on my phone is talk. And I can hardly get the full use out of my Android phone since battery life is horrific. There is some truth to this. My wifi only tablet has its own phone number.
    I install CSipSimple, sign up with a free SIP provider, and log in to for a free inbound phone number, which forwards to the Sip account. If you do need outbound calling on your tablet there are Sip providers that give you that for WAY less than a cellular voice contract. See this Google Doc I put together for friends:
  • Ok So, since this is a tegra 2 chipset just like the Xoom what is the hold out for us xoom owners in getting lte? This just isn't right!!!
  • Moto just hasn't sorted out how to get LTE working. Apparently, Samsung has. Ebay your Xoom and by a Galaxy Tab 10.1. Surely, some Android Tab fanboy will buy the thing on Ebay.
  • Naa. I will stick with my xoom. I like not having a 2 year contract on it and if i want 4g speeds i'll just tether it to my LTE charge
  • $630 ON CONTRACT making the no contract price something like $900?? Really?
  • $20 for 1GB is highway robbery
  • I would love to sit down with some popcorn and talk to a Verizon executive and watch him fumble through his list of "legitimate reasons" why the 1 and 3 Gb plans are more expensive on tablets as opposed to smartphones, or why tethering costs $20 for 2 Gb when on a tablet I only get 1 Gb for $20, and see how long he can hold a straight face.
  • And also ask them why other countries, some not as developed as the US, have faster data networks at cheaper prices and offer unlimited services. This says it all:
  • One thing you have to consider is that most countries are a lot smaller than the US. That means that it will cost more money to cover the US at the same speeds as other countries. I'm not saying that US plans aren't over-priced, I really feel they are. However, what I listed above is rarely ever mentioned or considered when people make comparisons with other countries prices.
  • Nexus One on T-Mobile, just enable portable Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone for free.
  • The Nexus One on T-Mobile would be a great phone to tether from for free. Problem is T-Mobile in the NYC area, T-Mobile is horrible. I used to have T-Mobile but didn't have any service in my office...also, as I go down the NJ shore a lot, no service down there either. Unfortunately, in the NYC area, Verizon is really the one and only provider. And don't even talk about're lucky if you get one bar in all of NYC. Sprint & T-Mobile work great in the mid-west and I'm sure in tons of other areas...but unless you live in an area that has good service with multiple providers, you're stuck.
  • Yeah, good point. T-Mobile service in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia is very spotty. When the Samsung Galaxy S II comes out for Verizon, I'm switching to them. But, I'll have to pay $20/mo extra to use my mobile hotspot feature. At least that gets me an additional 2 GB of data on top of the 2 GB for $30/mo. I always have my phone with me, so tethering is not an issue. Battery life? Hasn't been a problem, besides I always keep a spare battery close by, and I have a car charger. No sense paying for 2 data plans unless the total of both plans is not more than one plus the $20. Lovin' my GT 10.1 Wi-Fi.
  • Nexus One on AT&T too. They really can't even tell you are running you tablet via your nexus. We all need to write our Congress Critters and demand that bandwidth is bandwidth and the extra charge for tethering has got to go. Carries have their tiered pricing, its time for them to stop double dipping.
  • hear hear!!!
  • Here is my questions does this hint at they now have dual core processors working with LTE and is the Bionic on its way????
  • $529.99 for 16GB AND a two year contract!?! How much does the LTE radio cost? What kind of subsidy is Verizon claiming to give on these tablets for them to justify a 2 year commitment, especially considering an unsubsidized tab is $499 (sans LTE radio), $30 less than what they are charging.
  • Verizon is like Bank of America. They are all about ripping off the consumer while boasting they are the biggest and best. I'm surprised Verizon hasn't claimed they are "too big to fail" yet.
  • I have a Galaxy Tab 7 on a 2yr data plan with Sprint. I really like the portability of the tablet, and having connectivity all the time is a must. I also have the EVO 4g, but batter life is so bad that I got frustrated and reset the phone to its factory default and now just use it to talk & text. Just like I_Am_Incredible I am starting to think what's the point in having a smartphone? The portability and productivity of my SGT 7 makes the need for a smartphone very small. Now I'm just waiting for the SGT 8.9 with 3g/4g connectivity so that I can have a true tablet OS. I would move to this SGT 10.1 4g version on Verizon, but 10.1 is really too big (I think) to be truly portable.
  • someone who shares my vision! . . .